Saturday, December 31, 2016

Manhattan, KS December 30th

We enjoyed the week after Christmas by being lazy at home and playing with new goodies and gadgets.  By Friday we were a little stir-crazy so we got tickets to KSU's basketball game.  It worked out really well for a quick trip to Manhappenin'! 

Before the game the kids and I went ice-skating for a little bit.  And a little bit was all we needed! 
They realized it wasn't as easy as it looks on TV and there were lots of sore butts the next day.
Chloe did really well and Isaac made good ground.  But the twins were happy holding onto me and the wall.  No harm there!  It was fun for them to give it a shot. 

While at the game Caroline was completely disappointed at the lack of pink and abundance of purple.  However all of the disappeared when she FINALLY got to see Willie!

K..S..Uuuuu Wildcats! 

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