Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Sports

These kids have spent so much time at the pool!

Isaac and Blaise!

 Isaac's GATORS had a fun season!
Royce was one of the coaches again and it was fun to watch them together. 
Chloe's SWEET CLEATS did very well also!
I love seeing her competitive side show through. 

My favorite boys

Shining Stars Preschool Program

Amelia and Caroline's preschool had a small program in May.
While I can't say it was completely organized, it was cute and fun to watch.
The little ones don't have very long of an attention span for a 1-hr program!

These were the four girls in their class.
Avrie, Summer, Amelia, and Caroline 

Miss Brooke and Miss Aubrey were so great to our girls this year! 

May 28, 2015

Amelia and Caroline took Doggie Bags to school for their friends and some doggie-bone shaped treats for snack during class.  All the snacks were a hit!  I think we could make anything dog bone shaped and the kids would eat it. 
On their birthday we hosted cousins and neighbors for a Paw-Patrol party. 


Amelia and Caroline -- For some reason instead of saying "I can't believe you are four" I am more inclined to say "I can believe you are four".  You two are so active and do things far beyond your four year abilities.  Some of that is good, some is not so good, haha.  But you two dance to the beat of your own drums and I know that will do you well someday.  Amelia is a cleaner, organizer, and planner.  Caroline is a free-spirited, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants type of girl.  And Caroline, you are STILL the loudest thing we own.  But it is so fun to watch you two figure things out and work together.  You make us very, very proud. 

Swingin' through spring!

May 2015
Royce built the kids a new swing set and Caroline and I had to try it out!
I'm a kid too, right?!?
Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina, KS
Grandma Sandy and Gram Elaine joined Robynn and I with all our kiddos. 
We had a great day at the zoo -- all the kids were very well behaved. 
And Mason proved that men really CAN read maps :-) 

Amelia reading to Mason 
Mother's Day 2015
My goofballs blessed me with goodies for Mother's Day. 
I got some nice tops, along with homemade cards and crafts. 

We spent the day at Cody and Austin's graduation in Ellinwood, KS. 
At the end of the day I was snuggled in with my favorites.   

WaKeeney's Bike Rodeo

Royce sure is great at making sure the kids spoil me on my birthday, too. 
My 32nd Birthday. 
Chloe and Isaac were a few who participated in the Heartland Catbacker's sports camp.
They had a great time with current K-State athletes! 

Our flowers were absolutely gorgeous this spring in the backyard.
It was the first year that every single peonies bud bloomed before getting too hot or hailed on.
This tall arrangement was probably 30" high!
All this activity is pretty exhausting.
Here's to just as good of a summer ahead!