Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo shoot!

Look at these girls! 
Okay, I saw this idea on the internet and I just had to try it. 
I LOVE this picture! 
I actually love all of these pictures.  Even the bad ones. 

Saturday was a beautiful day and our friends from KC were in town for Amelia & Caroline's baptism.  Luckily Courtney was here to help because this was kind of a chore. 
Royce had the pumpkins hollowed out and all was well.  It was warm out so taking the girls clothes off wasn't a big deal.  But even with towels inside, once their skin hit the slimy pumpkin the water-works were on!  Royce and Brian had cameras, and Courtney, Isaac, and I were trying to sing/dance/make fools of ourselves to get the girls to stop crying.  It was hilarious.  Well, to us anyway.  I'm sure the girls were less than thrilled about the whole process.  But it was worth it!  Courtney said there should have been a camera on all of the adults because we were pretty entertaining.  As Robynn watched from the deck she said "Their ear-piercing wasn't even this bad..." 
She's right!  But these pictures are just too cute. 

Here are the pictures from Brian's phone with all emotions from the shoot.  He got some great ones!  Not to mention the cool editing that is automatic. 

 The pictures above and below are so cute.  I love Amelia's expression (left) in the one above, but the one below just makes me happy, too. 

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Amelia in her "Twincess" onesie from Aunt Robynn!

Me and my kiddos.  I love this picture for some reason.  Everyone is just lounging around but it's just 'comfortable' to me.  I love my kiddos.  

Hanging out in the kitchen.

Halloween onesies from Aunt Robynn.
Caroline on left, Amelia on right.  So cute!

Matching hats!
Julie's neighbor made these hats for the three girls so we had to get a picture. 
Caroline was too exhausted to enjoy the picture.  I think
Miss Hannah looks like big brother Jacob!

Caroline and Royce just watching football!

Royce cut firewood last weekend so the kids helped him stack it up for winter. 
They were a lot of help!

 Brian and Royce had a major problem--both Missouri and K-State were on TV at the same time on different stations on Saturday.  Solution?  Bring two TVs outside so they can smoke the pork and watch both games at the same time.  I guess the college degrees weren't for nothin'. 

Amelia on the left, Caroline on the right!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Robynn's Baby Shower

Shower the People You Love With Love

October 8th was Robynn's baby shower.  Dustin's sister Kara and I hosted and oh did we have fun!  We are very excited Aunties and can't wait for this little monkey to arrive.  Speaking of monkeys...that was the theme for the baby shower!  I think we had roughly 30 people in attendance and this baby is
Wow, what great gifts Robynn & baby received. 
Here are some fun pictures from the event. 

This was only about a third of the gifts...this table got buried!

 The Aunties are excited!

 I'm so extremely sad that I caught Chloe during a blink in the picture below.  She painted this fish artwork for baby's room and is so very proud of it.  She even said when we were framing it that it was 'just perfect'.  I couldn't agree more!  Chloe & Robynn have a close bond and I know Chloe is just going to adore this baby.  Can't wait to see it. 

 Three preggers! 
Jen Williams due November 17th, Robynn due November 19th, and Hayley Bieker due October 14th.

A trip to the zoo

Saturday, October 1st, Grandma & Grandpa Purinton took Chloe & Isaac to the Rolling Hills Zoo outside of Salina.  The kids have never been to a zoo so they were very excited.  They spent Friday & Saturday nights in WaKeeney and day-tripped the zoo on Saturday.  They came home with stories and souvenirs to go along with the smiles on their faces.  Isaac's favorite animals were the anteaters.  Chloe says her favorite was the dolphin...although her souvenir was a stuffed whale she named "Dolphie" I'm not sure which is correct but it doesn't matter in the mind of a 5-year-old. 

Here are a few pictures of the day that Grandpa took!
Thanks for taking Chloe & Isaac!
They love you very much.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall bargains

I had some good luck at garage sales this spring and just now found the time to use my bargain finds in my home.  My best bargains were on canvasses.  This first canvas I found for $1.  It is a big, durable canvas that would have been at least $20-$25 at the craft store.  It had a picture of a French lady and the Eiffel Tower on it.  It was really pretty, but the picture didn't fit anywhere in my home and the canvas was too good of a steal to resist.  So, away went the French lady.  Instead I decided to paint a Halloween specific picture for our home!  I like decorating for Halloween.  I'm not over the top, but I like it.  And in our den/fireplace room we have good places to change out seasonal pictures.
Here is our Pumpkin Patch! 

During Halloween it will go above the fireplace so all of the Halloween decorations on there can be together.  Ahhh, so fun.  The kids get a kick out of it. 
But now I want more....thinking taller decor on the sides. 
Hmmm, will work on that.  

Chloe saw my painting and made her own pumpkin patch.  I love this girl! 
She hung it above her bed.  *Note-this is what she was doing when she cut Isaac's hair.*
But I had to close my eyes while she lead me down the hall into her room. 
I'm such a proud mamma!
She did this 100% on her own.  Obviously if we had helped our kids wouldn't have gotten un-supervised haircuts! haha! 
I'm on the left, Royce on the right.  Chloe front & center, Isaac upper middle, and then the twins.  Caroline on the right and Amelia on the left.  She even made Amelia slightly smaller than Caroline. 
But she nailed it.  Purple sky, green grass. 
Love. This. Girl.
She was proud, and rightfully so. 

My second canvas was an even better find.  It's a HUGE canvas that is more sturdy than any I've seen.  A young artist had a beach painting on it.  It was very BRIGHT so when I bought it at a garage sale Robynn kind of looked at me funny.  Hey--it was $3.00!
Now it matches my throw pillows in the den and is hung over the TV for now until after Halloween when it will go above the fireplace where the pumpkin picture is now. 

Instant art for a whopping total cost of $4.00, about three hours of my time, and a little bit of human hair. I had all of the paint. Chloe & Isaac supplied the hair. Not too bad if I do say so myself.