Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stella Renee turns O-N-E ! ! !

Stella's mommy & daddy sure do know how to throw a party.
I'm pretty sure it's because they love her to the teensiest of pieces. 

The whole house showed their excitement! 

The birthday girl!

Stella is saying "haha! You can't reach the handle!" 
Amelia was digging the party hats. 
 Dig in, my dear!

Caroline says, "Hey, are you going to finish that...?"

Stella and Gram!
Happy Birthday, Pretty Face! 
Stella, I hope you know how much we love you. You are WAAAY too well behaved for your mommy and daddy so I hope you kick it up a notch now that you are walking. I have a LOT to teach you as your mommy and daddy will also find how what paybacks really are.  But the truth is that you probably won't even do half the stuff I teach you because you are just too stinkin' good of a girl.  Everybody his happy when you are around and I hope your home is filled with nothing but smiles and laughter.  Because that is what you deserve.
You deserve the very best. 
Just like you.

"Baby Chase Day!"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
According to Kaylin Beth Wiehe:  "Baby Chase Day!"
Our friend Jessica was induced early on Tuesday.  I decided to drive to KC late Monday evening so I could be there whenever I received "the call" that I could go to the hospital.  I realized if I waited to drive Tuesday morning I would probably not use my best judgement for how fast I should drive and whatnot so my better judgement just told me to go on Monday.  Deal. 
I shopped Monday morning a couple blocks from St. Luke's South in Overland Park and marked several Christmas gifts off my list.  I'm not sure how many laps I made around Kohls just WAITING to be contacted!  Finally, 11:00am I could go to the hospital.  Jessica and Cale were settled and just waiting for more progress.  I arrived around 11:30am.  It didn't take long to make progress!
I don't think I was in the room much more than an hour when the nurse said it was time for some pushing.  Lana and I headed for the waiting room and more visitors arrived as we waited, the first of which was BIG SISTER KAYLIN!  It's always so good to get a hug from that little girl. 
Pictured below - Lana, Courtney, Kaylin, Aunt Chris, Angie (Grandpa Bill not pictured)
 Baby Chase is here!!
Cale coming to give the good news!

Just look at this handsome little man looking at his beautiful mama. 

Chase Allan Wiehe
7 lb 1 oz.  19.5"
November 6, 2012

First bath (aka "lung testing")
Ahhhh, the heat lamps!
And look at all this room I have to streeeetch! 
I'd hold this little guy all day.

Kaylin holding Chase for the first time.
So precious! 
Welcome to the world little guy!
(Psssst!  It's a great year to be a Wildcat.) 
Chase at 1 week
Did I mention he was handsome?!?!?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Chloe loves gutting pumpkins!
Isaac patiently waited for the grossness to be over with.


All four Halloweens that we've been in Hays we have attended the library Halloween party.
It is a lot of fun and targeted towards the pre-school aged kids.  This was probably the last year that Chloe got to go!

Isaac, Amelia, and Caroline went trick-or-treating early with other kids from Julie's daycare.  The group had a lot of fun walking around together on such a beautiful day!
School time!
The days of being a room mother are now upon me and I had a lot of fun with Chloe's class this year!
They are great kids and participated so nicely in the games. 

I was also able to check in with Isaac's class throughout the afternoon and got to see him parade through the halls and play some games as well.  This boy was exhausted after school! 

The Stelephant got shoed after the picture--against her will!

Stella trying to escape the zoo!
Do you think they'll notice I'm gone???
Zoo animals everywhere!
Happy Halloween Hickert Family!