Friday, December 31, 2010

Final blog of 2010!

Wow, what a year this has been! We have lived in Hays for over a year and have enjoyed every bit of it. 2010 brought Royce's 30th birthday, Isaac's 2nd, my 27th, and Chloe's 4th. We also went on our first REALLY big vacation road trip in September. Royce and I can't believe what a great trip it was and how great the kids were for all of the 3,400 miles! We have enjoyed Hays events: Pool, FHSU football & basketball games, and Larks baseball this summer. We had several trips to Kansas City to see our friends who are not any further in our hearts just because they are further in miles. And we also had the big news of another baby on the way!

Our children seem to be growing before our eyes even quicker than I knew would happen. One of my favorite moments of 2010 from Chloe was when she and I were playing on her bed. We were snuggling, giggling, and being silly girls. Chloe then looked at me and gave me a big hug and kiss, telling me this: "Mommy, thank you for picking me from all of the babies God had to pick from." I think before leaving the room to cry I was able to mumble, "Honey, God knew you and Mommy were meant to be together." I love this little girl. She is so big, mature, and sassy. And I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Isaac has amazed us before our eyes just as much. He has grown and matured so much this year. He is such a big boy and is pesky little brother 100%. He brought our first ER run last January and I have a feeling we're not done with that by any means. He is quick to tell us how much he loves us, asks to snuggle, and makes us laugh everyday. One of my favorites is when he noticed that his big-boy 'underwears' have a pocket in the front:) He was quite impressed with himself for that discovery! I'm excited to see Isaac with a new baby sibling. While he used to be the jealous kid when other babies are around he is now very gentle and good with babies. He snuggles, kisses, and is content just holding them. I know he will be a proud and protective big brother and that his little brother or sister is going to be lucky to have him around.

I couldn't be luckier than to have Royce as my parenting partner. He is an amazing husband and father. As I type this he is in the back yard with the kids playing in the snow, pulling them in the sled on our flat, flat lawn. *Okay, I just checked on them again and he has propped a ladder up on a table and they are sledding down the ladder into the snow. I guess we might start working towards the new insurance deductible quicker than I hoped.* He takes care of me and lets me rest while I'm sick in the mornings with the pregnancy and I can't thank him enough for that.

I can't wait to see what 2011 brings for our blessed family. We thank God everyday for our health, careers, and opportunities. I recently discovered that I can have my blog turned into a keepsake book with all of the entries printed and hardbound. I will end with this post for 2010 and have one book made. I'm excited to see all of our events in a keepsake book and I hope I'm doing my job as a mother of making sure the memories are not forgotten. I am one very, very proud and blessed mother.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Big Brother!

I think most people are aware by now, but yes, Isaac is going to be a big brother and got his turn sharing the news of a new baby on the way!

Baby Purinton is due June 30th, 2011 and we're very excited. I had another appointment today and the heartbeat (yes, just one!) sounded great. One of the best sounds you'll hear is that wishy-washy thump-thump.

Will post more about the baby as we progress. Right now we're almost 14 weeks and my morning sickness is starting to fade. Although just when I say that I get constant reminders that it's not over yet:)


Christmas Eve brings out one of my favorite traditions...late night gifts. For at least the last 10 years our immediate family has opened gifts REALLY late on Christmas Eve. We've had a couple earlier years lately with my kids but I know after a few years of them being a little sleepy they will learn to love the tradition also and the excuse to stay up until early-morning hours. We gathered at Robynn's this year, with everyone arriving around 9:30 pm. The night is filled with finger foods and lots of laughs. And with the exception of this year usually a late-night game of pitch.

Chloe and Isaac patiently awaiting their presents!

It's also a tradition that we open gifts one gift at a time from youngest to oldest. Isaac learned very quickly that his turn was after Gram (when the cycle starts over) therefore Isaac was usually VERY interested in Gram opening her gifts efficiently:)

Royce gave Dustin golf-ball finder glasses, assuming he needs them I guess.

Best tradition: Funny picture with everyone wearing or holding something they received that evening. Dustin: glasses & 50 piece nuggets, Robynn: scarf & rolling pin, Isaac: Lightening McQueen race car in his lap, Megan: scarf (covered by Isaac), Royce: slippers, Chloe: barbie doll, mom: clutch purse, Ron: Merrill shoes.

And the serious picture--even though the last one was more fun! And if you look close enough Chloe's barbie doll is definitely flashing the camera.
When we got home around 1:00am (earlier than most Eve's) Chloe and Isaac sprinkled Reindeer food in the driveway! It must have worked, as Santa was good to them. Chloe got a scooter and streamer/ribbon/baton thingy, Isaac got a train set, and they both got pillow pets.
Royce and I realized around 1:45 am just exactly how hard Santa's job is late at night! Santa doesn't wrap presents at our house, they are all out and ready to go. So Santa was up very late assembling the train set. Luckily the scooter just snapped into place...Whew!
We had four days of Christmas gatherings and Royce and I do believe this was one of the best years ever. It's so nice to be so close to everyone and not travel so far to see the people we love. The kids were amazing and got great stuff from everybody.
Now---Happy New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chloe's Christmas Program for Happy Days

Yesterday was Chloe's program. We hauled the kids downtown to a city organization's meeting where they performed. The kids did a great job! I was very proud of Chloe and how she acted in front of the audience! If you click on Happy Days' link on the right of my blog page you can also see videos of the performance. PLUS-- the kids sang loud enough that SANTA came at the end! What a treat.

During a song...singing...noticed that I had the she gets in Rockette position.

When Santa said her name and she got her treat she was the first to say
"Thank you, Santa! Merry Christmas, Santa!".

Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter days!

Yesterday the kids happened to have on their matching Christmas PJ's and were being bums on the couch before church. I snapped these pictures of Isaac loving on the dogs. He's been so snuggly with Lexi lately, it's so sweet. And Charlie is just an awesome dog. He and Lexi are great together.

Later in the day yesterday we went and saw Santa at the John Deere dealership. This is of the kids & Gram waiting for Santa to come in on the tractor!

Rudolph was driving, Mr. & Mrs. Clause on board!

Fun in the store while we waited.

Chloe only told Santa her name, and he had to read the list for the rest!

Isaac did fantastic saying he wanted a LOUD race car and a tractor!
He wasn't shy at all!
It was very sweet! And we're glad it was all in the big store so we didn't have to wait outside in line like usual. It was so cold!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kansas City Weekend

We headed to Kansas City this last Friday for the weekend. We had hoped to leave on Thursday but Isaac was sick on Thursday so we waited until Friday PM. He did okay over the weekend. Not great, just okay. Probably doesn't help that he's cutting two molars also.

Saturday night was our 5th Annual White Elephant Christmas Party. We started this party when Royce worked at KPMG and it's all of his start-group friends. Only one is still at KPMG but we all still love our annual (or more often if there's another reason to celebrate) gatherings. This party went until after 1:00am which is pretty normal for the group.

We came home today and we're all exhausted. Hope to get a good night's sleep tonight. I'm sure Monday morning will come too soon!

Isaac (almost 3), Emma (28 mos), Chloe (4)
These three have grown up together as neighbors in KC and have so much fun playing when we visit or when they come here. Baby Annabel was sleeping but I'm sure she'll be keeping up with them soon! She has a LOT to keep up with!
*Note...Chloe still putting her leg up like the Rockettes. Yes, that's my daughter. *