Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Eggs 2014

It was a rainy, gloomy day so why not make dumpling soup and dye Easter eggs?
This little cutie in her piggy-tails dragged her mama over to our house to join in the fun.  I think her mama swallowed a big Easter egg :) 

Amelia's version of "Hairy Scary Monsters".
It was a lot of fun!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break {Part Two}

Realizing the last scheduled item we had going on over spring break was on Wednesday, we decided Chloe and Isaac should get some school-aged-spring-break fun.  Granddad will never turn down visits from his grandkids so I loaded the older two kids in the car on Thursday and we headed to Colorado for 3 days.  We filled every bit of time that we possibly could with fun activities for them! 
**Royce needed to stay and work so I arranged for daycare for A&C.  We were planning all sorts of activities and Royce was a little jealous of our fun activities ahead.  I'll admit, I felt a little guilty getting to go goof off with the big kids but I certainly was willing to tough it out (wink wink).  BUT THEN I REALIZED.  I was leaving Royce at home -- alone -- on the first two days of the NCAA March Madness tournament.  Only his two absolute favorite TV watching days of the entire year.  Home.  Alone.  My guilt quickly vanished.  He did have the girls after work/daycare and the weekend so he did his part but it wasn't quite like leaving him home to suffer.**
We started off by visiting the Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday afternoon.  Wow -- what an amazing place!  Dad's former mountain lion, Hobbs, is still there.  Dad had Hobbs for several years on the ranch and when the laws got too tough to keep him Hobbs found a happy home at the sanctuary.  It was such a neat experience to go see all of the amazing creatures at this place.  Can't wait to go back again!
Beautiful white tigers in the background. 

These two bears were hilarious.  They were playing in the water and batting at each other in fun.  Very entertaining to watch!

Tigers have to be one of the most beautiful creatures. 
I'm glad I didn't drop my phone in with these two!

After the wildlife sanctuary we decided to go to Dave and Busters for a night of fun and games.  Chloe and Isaac loved it.  Isaac is 110% care-free-boy.  He was in heaven with all of the games and it didn't take long for both of them to figure out which games had the biggest ticket payout.  And after watching them on the driving games I can say it didn't take me long to figure out that I won't be passing my keys over anytime soon!!!!!  Yikes!

We were pretty ruthless on the horse races. 
No sympathy to the kids, it was each man for himself!

Friday morning we headed up the mountain towards Breckenridge.  The kids enjoy shopping in the toy store there and it has become a tradition over the last three years that the kids look forward to.  I was glad we could go again this year even though we didn't go skiing. 
After a yummy lunch at Bubba Gump's we headed for our reservation at the Frisco Adventure Park where we went tubing for a couple hours.  We had never done this before and it was so enjoyable.  I mean really -- sledding when there is a magic carpet to get you to the top of the hill?!?  What's not to love?  There were 6 lanes of hills and very little crowd so we got a lot of runs in. 

I was loving my new K-State ski coat! 


The only thing we didn't get to do on Saturday was hit the Museum of Science and Nature.  The parking lot was packed, the parking garage was full, and two charter busses unloaded in front of us as we were circling the lot.  Dad and I agreed it would be better to go another time.  But other than that we did about as much as we could in a couple of days! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break {Part One}

We started our spring season with working concession stands for a 4-H fundraiser.  The FHSU baseball games were fun to watch and we had beautiful weather for being outdoors for a few hours. 
Chloe and Isaac were very good helpers but mostly enjoyed spending money themselves and chowing down! 
Chloe has horse fever so badly! 
Many pages from school talk about Chloe at rodeos & riding horses.   
Spring pictures!
Chloe was so happy that her missing tooth was visible in the  picture.
And Mr. Isaac looks so grown up! 

I think Chloe gets a kick out of making Royce and I laugh at her school work....

Her second sentence got BIG laughs :)  Too funny, Chloe! 

Purinton/Herren cousins had a fun sleep-over to kick-off spring break.
We stayed at the farm on a Sunday night and enjoyed Monday at the lodge and exploring. 

Mid-morning s'mores.  Mmmmm!

Amelia & Caroline got big laughs when they completely toasted their marshmallows! 

Kids eat inside the shed...

...and Geezers eat outside! 
Glad Dan was able to enjoy lunch with us.

Our Explorers! 

When you gotta go.....YOU GOTTA GO!
Hahaha Amelia!