Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day!

We had a mini photo shoot for Valentine's Day and have some fun pictures from the session!

Caroline left, Amelia right

Caroline left, Amelia right



Monday, February 13, 2012

The Rootin'est, Tootin'est 4-year-old Cowboy!

Isaac is 4!
Happy Birthday, Isaac!

A Toy Story theme birthday party is what was in order for this young cowboy.  He wanted to look like Woody, have a Buzz cake, and play games from the movie.  When a sweet birthday boy asks--we shall deliver!  It was fun setting up for his party and he loved every minute of it. 

Isaac isn't a big cake eater, but he wanted a real cake and he put the decorations wherever he wanted.  

We had lots of games for the kids to play.  This picture is of Chloe throwing a moon rock at the moon!
(It was a tennis ball at a velcro target!)

Shown below are Chloe, Elijah, Greg, Jace, Tessa,
with Isaac and Jacob in front
 Funny-faces all around!

We also played "Pin the badge on Woody" and the kids LOVED it.
This was a fun game that they came back to over and over.  

 Jace drew this card just for Isaac!
And the football tee was from Chloe.

One of the funniest parts was a balloon popping contest.  Royce and I did not over-inflate the balloons because we wanted to make sure the littlest kids could still sit on the balloons.  So we drew names and Chloe & Elijah were set to go first.

They bounced and bounced....

...and bounced with NO popping! 
Maybe we should have inflated them a little more!

Everyone try to pop your balloons!

The kids finished the party off with Buzz Bowling, finding hidden moon rocks throughout the house, drank alien juice with glow-stick straws, and got to take cowboy hats, bandanas, and prizes home with them.

Happy Birthday to the best boy I've ever known.
We love you, Isaac!
er..I mean "Woody!"


Isaac's pre-birthday events!

Stella was kind enough to share her baptism evening with the rest of the family to give Isaac some presents.  He is so funny opening gifts...if a gift is wrapped in a plain box he'll say,
"Just a plain white box...that's all I got!"
and he cracks himself up every time.  Love him!

 I was in charge of holding Isaac's cookie so Marley wouldn't eat it.

And Chloe took over the bows!

Caroline helped blow up balloons before Isaac's party!
(Yes, she was well supervised)

Stella's Baptism

Sweet Stella was baptised February 11, 2012.  Royce and I are honored to be her Godparents and look forward to watching her grow into a faithful young lady.  We love her so much!

Stella wore the same dress as Robynn, Megan, and Chloe!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Peek-a-boo & pictures!

Who doesn't love peek-a-boo???

Caroline doesn't care if her face is hidden or not...if her hands are up--she's hiding!

Happy Amelia!

Gram watched the kids while Royce and I went out to eat for his birthday.
Looks like she has it all under control with a mean game of Go Fish!

 Chloe prepared lunch for she and Royce on his birthday.  She spent all morning setting up the table on her bed.  She originally sat the table for the whole family, but I convinced her maybe just dinner for two with she and daddy was a better idea.  They had a nice lunch-hour. 

And here are some almost-3-month pictures of Stella.  She's so sweet!

I tease Robynn that she uses an eyelash curler because Stella's
eyelashes curl so pretty!  Love them!

 Ahh, alseep in momma's arms.