Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October - In a Nutshell

Seeing baby kitties at Great Grandma's farm

Charlie getting to go play at Marley's house.
This picture got to go to school with Chloe & Isaac for the
annual pet blessing as well.  I was unable to take Charlie but
the kids said all of their friends giggled at the picture of Charlie sitting
in the front seat.  They took stuffed animals, too. 

Just another week night for Amelia. 

Royce was gone for 3 days in Kansas City.
Right now Caroline and especially Amelia are Daddy's girls.
They missed him dearly and I love how this picture captures
the night he got home. 

Fire Safety week at story time!

Me--losing a wrestling match.

Isaac's class at Granny Mae's Pumpkin Patch.

Amelia & Caroline packed up their entire sock & underwear drawer
into two bags that were in their room.  They're prepared!

They also completely stripped their sheets one day while they were
supposed to be sleeping.   

We celebrated Grandma's 60th birthday with a
nice meal and ice-cream cake! 

Grandpa & Caroline sitting on the tailgate. 

Isaac & Royce at the October 26th game.

Chloe can always catch a ride from this guy. 

Looks like he's ready for the dorms!

Chloe & Shaylee with their glitter tattoos


September 24th was the airing of the episode of The Price Is Right that Jessica and I attended in LA this past June.  I can't even begin to say how much I smiled while watching it.  Not just because of the episode itself, all of the funny behind-the-scenes, funny contestants, etc.  I smiled because it brought back SO MANY memories from this trip.  I love this friend of mine so much and the trip to LA was one we will never forget.  I'm smiling again right now because it was so darn fun! 
Here I am.
September 24th.
Game day.
Wearing my shirt.
Our name-tags and the wash machine really did a number to it.
But I'll still probably keep it forever.
Watching the opening song and who's on RIGHT AWAY? 



FAQ's I had for a while: 
Is everyone REALLY that excited?  YES!  It's like a concert.  There is loud music, everyone sings & dances along before the show & during commercial breaks, there is a DJ, and the pre-show comedy is so funny from George and other producers. 

Do the contestants know they are going to be selected?  NO!  It's a complete surprise.  George announces the names but someone is on stage with the names written on big white boards so you can look to see if it's actually your name you think you might have heard. 

How long did it take?  Pre-show was about 4 hours, and the show itself took about 1 1/2 hours to film.  LOTS of takes & re-takes.  The 'ding' sound didn't work at first, then the models took multiple takes showing certain items, and even once the show was said & done we had to re-create a round of bidding because it didn't turn out right on camera. 

Does Drew talk to the crowd?  Yes!  He is hilarious.  And so is George.  Drew signed autographs, talked with lots of people, and talked to us too!  Drew read our shirts and couldn't believe we had 6 kids between us.  He asked us where we were from.  Jessica gave a shout out to Tonganoxie and I to Hays.  Then he asked how we met and we got to give an extra shout-out to K-State.  Everyone was extremely nice. 

Would you go again?  Heck YES!