Sunday, October 5, 2014

Broncos Pictures!

Two years ago we got some great pictures of the family for Dad/Granddad's birthday so we decided to do it again!  Maybe a bi-annual thing?!?

 Granddad and his grandkids!


Big-Sister Club


The stage was set for Chloe to turn EIGHT.
Oh my.
This was the first year I did not put a limit on Chloe's birthday invitation list.
We have always limited her to just a handful but she wanted a bigger party this year and since we were staying home for the party it was just fine. 
She invited 12 girls -- whom all RSVP'd YES to the party (two joining us after soccer)
 -- and they were a great group.


What artists!

Dessert time!


After the painting party we had family over for Chloe's choice:
Sweet, Sticky, Spicy Chicken
Rice, and Broccoli
Ice-cream cake
Chloe sure makes a great 8-year old!

When it's your birthday, and you've had such a great day, you just don't want it to end. 
The term "Go to bed" just doesn't sit well when you don't want the day to end.
This tired girl fell asleep on the couch and her Daddy carried her to bed....
a task that is becoming harder and harder to do. 
Chloe, we say OVER and OVER how proud of you we are.  SO many things make us proud of you.  You are so helpful, you are so kind, and you are hilarious.  You totally 'get' our sense of humor and sarcasm and you feed it right back to us.  You think we tell the stupidest jokes (which we do) and you think we embarrass you (which we also do).  I assure you we are only trying to build your character and you will thank us for it later.  You are brave, you make us proud by choices at school, and you are a leader whether you know it or not. 
You are awesome.
And now you are eight.
We love you!

KWHA State Horse Show -- Bentley, KS

Labor Day weekend 2014 Chloe and I traveled to Bentley, KS with Gram & Papa to attend the KWHA State show.  We met up with Justin, Megan, SenaKay, Carlee, and Austyn to enjoy the weekend.  The weather was fantastic up until the drive home and everyone had a great time. 
Chloe qualified for 6 of the 10 events this year which was perfect.  She still needs to learn & appreciate all of the exhausting work that goes into horses so the 6 events kept her busy but still able to rest between a few events.  She'll gain her endurance as she keeps going. 
Chloe and Goble.
He sure is good to her.


A few pictures of Carlee (age 9).
These are going to be great for Chloe to look at as she keeps improving.
Carlee is a FANTASTIC rider!

  Papa's still got it! 
Chloe riding in Half-8 (her favorite event!)

One of the best parts of Chloe's horse show summer has been the friendships she created.  It's been fun hearing her talk of other riders and also seeing the confidence she has while riding. 
Carlee took 1st place in the 1-9 age group.
Well deserved!  This girl can R I D E .

3 Generations of placings at the State show!


 Chloe we are so proud of you for competing in the State show! 
You were nervous but YOU DID IT!