Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ski trip 2013

We had a great ski trip again this year!  We left Hays on March 1, 2013 and dropped the twins off at Wayne & Sandy's before the rest of us took off to stay at Dad's for the night. 
Robynn & Dustin dropped Stella off at Mom & Ron's in WaKeeney and then Dustin dropped off the porch.  Literally.  He skipped the steps and headed straight for the ground, twisting his ankle in the process.  Hurt before he even got further than 30 minutes from home!  Let the harassment begin!
From dad's, we drove up the mountain on Saturday afternoon.  After we were checked into the condo we all went to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Breckenridge. 
Y U M M Y !

Here is a pic of Dustin's ankle after the swelling went down a bit and the purple started to appear.  OUCH!  He was a trooper, that is for sure.  He had about 40 hours after twisting it until ski time and he made it work.  After day two the color was even worse.  

If Dustin weren't able to ski Royce and I were ready & willing to get him set up with a new ride.

Luckily he was a good sport about all of our jokes!
Chloe & Isaac getting fitted for their gear. 

I bought a helmet the day before down in Denver. 
A special thanks to everyone who saw me earlier in the day and did not tell me that the size Medium sticker was still on the front.  I really appreciate it.

Great morning in Breckenridge!


Dustin's *cough* good side.

EVERYBODY around loved Isaac's Angry Bird helmet :)
He improved so much from last year.  He had so much fun and verbalized his excitement!

Our skiing kiddos!

Woke up to a lot of new snow our second day skiing. 

Chloe was just the Rock Star we expected her to be.
She is a really great skier--going to be lots of fun in the years to come.

Robynn & Dad in the fresh snow! 

The second afternoon dad kept Chloe & Isaac inside while us four big kids skied together.
I think they ran the quarter machine out of quarters!  Granddad's supply was a lot greater than our supply would have been.  They had a lot of fun in the game room and pool.

Royce and I on the lift in the blowing snow!  We were covered in snow each time we got to the top of the lift but the skiing was as good as I can ever remember.  It was so much fun!
Robynn & Dustin--I think?!?  Maybe not.  Can't really tell. 

A lot of laughs and good times!  So glad our kids are getting the fun ski trips as kids as we used to get.  It will be so much fun to watch them continue to improve on the slopes. 

Sweet at 17

The last weekend in February I took Chloe and Isaac down to Bucklin to paint Kat's room for her 17th birthday.  I had seen her bedding at Christmas and it worked out to actually paint her room on her birthday.  It was a fun trip for the kids and I.  Chloe and Isaac are great in the car and we had a fun road trip--music blaring, dancing in our seats, singing, and goofing off.  We got a good start on Kat's room on Saturday, took a break for a birthday meal in Dodge City, then kept painting.  There was another snow storm in the works and when my weather alarm on my phone went off at 4:08am warning me about the snow I decided to just get up and keep painting.  It was NOT how I planned to spend my early morning hours but it worked out just fine. 
The room turned out beautiful!  I love artwork on the walls and this was no exception.
Miss Kat has a nice room to finish out her high school years and her mother will have a nice room left over as she has threatened Kat to never take the bedding with her :) 

The walls in this corner are magnetic on the top half.  Magnetic primer takes four coats so there is a lot of sitting and waiting involved in this process. 
Good thing I was with good company to pass the time!
A pretty room for a pretty lady!
Happy Birthday, Kat! 
THIS is what hit within the 24 hours after I left.
I may have been a bit ahead of myself at 4:30 in the morning
 but I'm still glad I got the heck out of there!

Snow Days ! ! !

February 20 and 21 were FILLED with snow.
17" in 24 hours is what is on record but I think our property had a pretty consistant 20".
And about 30"+ that I had to clear from the end of the driveway from the snow plows.
It was a heavy snow but amazing moisture was inside.
The kids had two days of school cancelled and we had a lot of time to play in the snow.
The city crews piled up 32nd & Hall's snow into the Wentling's corner property so we had a big mound of snow right at our fingertips.  It was fun watching the kids enjoy the snow so much.
Isaac is standing on the mound of snow--he as as high as the street sign! 

Isaac preferred not to use the sled...he just used his head! (four pictures)

Caroline (black pants) and Amelia (purple pants) even got in on the snow!


Picture post

These are pictures of the twins "helping" Papa put their beds together.
Since Royce was out of town Ron got suckered into helping assemble.

Caroline and Amelia warmed up to their Great-Grandma Donna!

"How do you know it was ME who colored green marker on the wall?"
-Amelia, covered in green marker. 
Royce had to work most weekends in February so I loaded the kids
up and headed to Great-Grandma Pfannenstiel's farm for the day!

Chloe and I were able to go to Shrek the Musical at the preforming arts
center on FHSU's campus in February.  It was a great show!

Rumble Rumble

For Kansas Day at school Chloe's class baked bread.  All the parents took the ingredients ahead of time and the kids got to put it all together at school.  The kids all made chef hats at school and colored pictures on them. 
Here is Chloe's hat all flattened out. 
It says "Chef Chloe" inside of the chocolate chip cookie in the middle.
Shew drew measuring spoons,

Chocolate chip cookie in the corner, Germ-X, a mixer,
more cookies, a bowl, and a whisk.  Not too bad!

Food must have been on her mind because she also wrote a book that week about food.

My tummyis hungry.  It is tmie to eat.
2 pieces of corn behind the flap.
Nothing is left.
1 piece of broccoli behind the flap.