Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The other day Robynn was over and I left the twins sitting up in one room while we went to another room.  We got back and this is what Isaac had done to the babies:) 
He was so proud! 
It was too cute. 

Daddy and  Amelia
happy as can be.

Peeking Caroline!
The babies are so funny, when one makes noise in their crib the other
has to get up to see what the commotion is. 
They pull down the bumper bad and peek into the other's crib.  

Sunday we made a trip to Grandma Pfannenstiel's farm.  Isaac calls it "the white farm" I think because Grandma's house is white.  The Purinton farm is "the red farm" I guess because of the shed.  Whatever helps him keep them straight!  Chloe and Isaac love playing on the hay bales at "the white farm" and it warms my heart because I have the same childhood memories.  

Gotta strike a pose!

Grandma Purinton's 91st Birthday

Grandma Irene Purinton turned 91 on January 14, 2012.  We celebrated by having a pizza party at Mom and Dad Purinton's house.  Who doesn't want a pizza party for their 91st birthday?!? 

Irene and Leonard have been married for 65 years.

 Four generations below

Great-Grandma Irene with
Amelia and Caroline

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Hearts!

We had a little mini-shoot with Valentine's outfits the other day. 
I think the outfits are from Gina's girls but they worked great for us with a few pieces we already had.
So thanks for the hand-me-downs!

You can see the girls help each other out.
You scratch my head....

I scratch yours.

And your nose... 

And your ears.

Amelia left, Caroline right.

Totally innocent until proven guilty.

Ha!  Don't even know what to say here!

Let me straighten that bow for you.

Yep, that's better.

I'm still innocent.

Oooh!  Now we can gang up on brother!

Kicking in the house?!?

Yes, kicking in the house.
I do allow the playing of catch and kicking of footballs in my house. 
Well, the kicking has to be done in the designated area of my front hallway.  There's really nothing that Isaac can hurt there.  At least for now...I am aware that I will regret this someday.

All lined up...

Running up for the approach...

Oops--I missed!

Maybe I'm more worried about mom taking my picture
than where the football actually ends up....

Another bobbled kick.
But I look GREAT doing it!


Of course I had to get pictures of him in his stance!

And another one!
He is my funny little boy.
I love his imagination!

More Christmas Pictures

While in KC at the beginning of December we took the kids to Bass Pro to see Santa.  It worked out perfectly!  Chloe told Santa she'd send him a letter and Isaac told Santa he wanted "a Lightening race track, with two tracks, and one Lightening [McQueen, from CARS], and one Francesco".  Santa knew that Mommy & Daddy were getting him the race track so Santa brought the bicycle instead! 

Unfortunately, Annabel did not enjoy Santa quite as much as Emma did.
Love this picture!  An instant classic, for sure!

And here are some seven month pictures of the girls in their Christmas onesies & hair bows.
Have to photograph each outfit, you know!



Monday, January 2, 2012

Bath time!

Caroline is squeaky clean!

How's it going over there?
Amelia left, Caroline right.

Caroline left, Amelia right.


Let me help you with that towel....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Part 3/3 - Santa was HERE! And a New Year!

Santa was here!  Chloe got her two-wheeled bicycle and Santa left the training wheels just in case she needs them.  She also got a TAG reading system that helps her read books by herself.  Isaac got a bigger bicycle that even revvvvs like a racing engine.  He also got a rescue helicopter.  Amelia and Caroline got table-top spinners and Christmas PJ's for next year.  (This year Santa was glad that kids don't understand equal-value and were happy that each one got two items regardless of value!)

 The bikes were a hit!
 With an easy pull of the trigger Isaac's helicopter propellers spin!

Caroline loved her spinner!

And the sippy cup that was in her stocking!

Amelia and Daddy have the same crazy bed-head!

But Amelia loved her spinner, too!

A New Year!
We have so much to be thankful for this past year.  Finding out we were having TWO babies instead of one, finishing our basement, finding out Robynn and Dustin were expecting, carrying the twins to 35 weeks and having them be healthy and strong, getting used to our quickly expanded family, and welcoming our newest niece, Stella Renee.  We are so grateful for Royce's job--that he is able to work from home and support our family.  He is here to catch fun little items during the day, the kids draw pictures to decorate his office, and neither of us miss out on the kids' adventures, stories, and mischief.  I'm blessed to have my mom watch the kids on her days off so I can catch paint projects when schedules allow.  Having our families so close has been beneficial this year more than ever.  We wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Royce and I love our children so much.  They each have their special traits that make them unique.  Chloe has come so far in her tumbling, she is really loving music, she is confident and funny.  She has a HUGE heart and is always thoughtful of others.  She is also smart and honest.  A few weeks ago she and Isaac were eating their dinner very well making it quiet at the table.  Royce and I said "you must be enjoying your meal" and Chloe responded saying "It's not that we like what we're's that we want presents and don't want to fight with you."  Like I said, she is smart and honest.  Isaac is as clear-cut as it gets.  He tells you exactly how he feels and equally takes things personally to heart.  He has also developed a love of music, specifically break dancing!  And preschool has given him confidence that we had been waiting to see in him.  Isaac was nervous about Santa coming into our home but we asked him to trust that it would all be okay.  Christmas morning he informed us that he was very brave!  Little boy, I love spraying you with "good dream" spray each and every night and will do so as long as you let me.  Amelia and Caroline are just getting more and more fun.  Amelia is ornery and always has a smile.  You can see mischief in her eyes but she has the softest voice when she jabbers.  Caroline is loud and opinionated.  I call her "Nosey Rosie" because she wants to know what is going on at all times and tries to get her little nose as close as she can to other people's business.  They are such blessings.  We joke that we don't even know what we would do if we only had one baby.  But it's true.  These two beautiful babies have amazing personalities and I love seeing their big, gummy, toothless smiles each day.  Royce and I love being parents to these kids, and we love being parents TOGETHER.  We make a great team and I wouldn't want to make these family memories with anyone else. 

Happy 2012!  What is on the menu for this year?