Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pfannenstiel Reunion 2014

We just had a reunion last year but because of Ness City's Old Settler's in 2015 we decided to have another reunion this year instead of waiting until 2016.  One FANTASTIC addition this year was bringing back the kids obstacle courses!  I was so happy when I saw this.  These are the same memories I have when I was little and now my kids are creating these memories.  It's really about all I took pictures of this year but the little ones sure did have a great time. 

"How do you make this thing work, Uncle Royce?"

Grrr!  I had a smudge on my lens right over Stella!
Way to finish the race, little ladies!

So tired after the reunion Caroline couldn't even set down what was in her hand!

"You Can't Stop The Beat!" - Recital 2014

Chloe's 2nd dance recital!  She did such a great job - so proud of her! 
Tessa deserves an award for the night.  She was such a great friend coming to watch Chloe in the 3+hr show!  These two are too sweet together. 

 Dad - waiting with flowers after the show! 

The later it got into the evening, the sillier these two girls got!

Love. Her.
Great job, Chloe!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kat's Graduation - Bucklin High School 2014

We attended Kat Huelsman's graduation in Bucklin on May 17th.  It was a really nice ceremony.  The biggest advantage of having such a small class is getting to know the kids a little better during the ceremony.  They were able to hand out some of the scholarships, have more short speakers, and announce additional information about the graduates as they crossed the stage.  We really enjoyed attending!  And the best part??  Kat will be attending FHSU in the fall! 
That's right!  Kat will be in HAYS!
Kat says her dad is the one who made her cry.  I do believe that. 
But lookie-lookie who is wiping a tear in the picture below.....

While the graduates continued handing out flowers to their loved ones in attendance, Shelly kept her tears hidden from everyone by keeping the camera up for potential photo ops.  It probably didn't help that the song sang "Momma, don't cry" or something along those lines. 
**I think she likes me enough not to kill me for posting these...hehehe**


Apparently Amelia's 'Purple Baby' was quite bad during the ceremony. 
Amelia gave her an ear-full several times. 

This is Royce's Aunt Carol and Uncle Eugene Woodruff.
They always make me happy when they are around. 

The weather was perfect for graduation!

The reception was at Kevin & Shelly's home.  All of their work on their landscape set a perfect scene for an outdoor reception.  It was beautiful. 

My handsome boy even knew I wanted a picture so he stopped to pose.

Caroline was keeping her baby warm.

Chloe and Isaac had the camera A LOT. 
But they sure did a good job getting a picture of grandma!

Shelly knew the kids wanted to feed the chickens again.  I swear, I could ask them to do chores til I was blue in the face but she mentions feeding the chickens and gathering eggs and they followed her and obeyed her every word. 

These are some of the little chicks that were soooo small at Easter.

Amelia still thought she was a chicken!

Up the ramp "Bawk bawk bawk bawk!"

Amelia in particular has been obsessed with Andy since Thanksgiving.
"When is my fwiend Andy coming to my house?"
"When will we see my fwiend Andy?"
"I miss my fwiend Andy."
But every time we've seen Andy lately the girls have gotten cold feet!
We've tried multiple methods -- where he just grabs them and forces the attention and also where he plays hard to get and makes them come to him.  Neither has worked very well but every time we LEAVE from seeing Andy all we hear about is "My fwiend Andy."  So even though they get cold feet I was determined to get a darn picture with Andy so the girls could have it to see when they talk about him. 
Here is Caroline upside down with Andy.  Caroline was pretty cute.  If she knew Amelia was being shy but Andy was pursuing her anyway, Caroline would interfere and stand up to Andy protecting her sister.  It was pretty cute. 
Amelia REALLLLY wanted a picture with Andy but just couldn't get the courage.  She said she'd stand by him.  So she stood in the corner, and he crept in beside her.  Seriously, if we hadn't have gotten this picture she would have been devastated. 
She looked at the pictures the ENTIRE way home on my phone.  Unfortunately, I think she deleted the best picture but it was similar to this one but Andy was in better focus.   
Here is proof -- honestly -- the entire way home.
The rest of these pictures are all courtesy of Chloe & Isaac.  They roamed with my camera in tow and took some great pictures of Kevin & Shelly's hard work on their landscaping. 

Thanks for the great party,  Huelsmans! 
**If there are no future posts after this one it is because Shelly has hunted me down for posting the most pictures of her ever in one place....ever.  **