Monday, June 28, 2010

The best picture!

Gabi and Chloe walking through the grove. I forgot to post it with the others--I think I was saving the best for last.


Okay, here are some pictures when Gina, Chris, Gabi, and Libby were here. We packed a lot of activity into a short amount of time and I apologize that some pictures are out of order...although you all probably don't know that! Wayne has an amazing camera and I got some good shots of the kids that I turned into black/white. I think they look so good! Of course, having four cute subjects didn't hurt.

How big was your fish, Chloe?

Happy Grandma having her girls here!

Gabi & Uncle Royce looking for sharks teeth

Hiding in the bluffs

Miss Libby. This little girl stole my heart while they were visiting. She is developing such a sweet personality she just melted my heart. I'll snuggle with her anyday!

Getting some snuggles!

Playing in Grandpa's truck

Touching the fish!

Picnic in our backyard.

Roasting marshmallows! Grandma, Gabi, Isaac, Chris


Bedtime story in the tent. Royce, Chloe, Isaac, and Gabi slept in the tent. Gabi made it until 3am til she needed a potty break and the others made it all night long! How fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow...bad blogger!

I knew it had been a while since I'd written but June has completely flown by. Almost a month! I've been a bad blogger because we've been so busy. Both me personally work which is great, but also as a family with family events and outings. I'll have pictures eventually but most of the good recent ones are on Wayne's camera.

What all have we done:
May 22-23: Robynn and I enjoyed a girls weekend going to KC to visit a friend, Karen McCullough and her family. Karen was camped out there for several weeks with her beautiful little girl Natalie in Children's Mercy. They are home now but we are so glad we got to go visit and have a fun weekend.

May 28: Farm trip. We went to the Purinton farm and went fishing for the evening with Grandma & Grandpa (Sandy & Wayne). Chloe was the only one with a bite, well four actually, and she caught a fish! I have it all on video and I'm so bummed because the video is just barely too long to upload. I'm sure I could edit it but that will take more time that I don't have right now. Maybe someday. She was pretty proud. Actually, I do have 2 pictures from that I can share. She used her Barbie fishing rod, hooked with a worm and a "bobbie pin" which is what she calls the bobber:) SOO cute. She got the bite, reeled it in on her own, and then Royce picked it up while Wayne got his camera. Chloe loved watching it on the line and said, "I caught a fish---I really did!!---See Dad, I KNEW I could do it!!!" It was awesome. She was so proud.

May 29: Pool time. Camera's aren't allowed. I wasn't aware of this rule and had the lifeguard come talk to me right after I shot this picture. Eh, oh well.

June 9: Train rides! Union Pacific offered passenger train rides in the surrounding communities. What fun this was. Our party was actually one of the last to board and we didn't have seats. Upon seeing this a gentleman said, "Okay, bring them to my car" and we got to go to the private living room! How fun this was! The train only went about 5 miles and back because they had such high quantities of people, but to the kids it was A TRAIN RIDE! We had so much fun.

Left to Right: Jessica holding Jaylen, Jacob being held by Julie (daycare provider and her son), Camden in front from daycare, Royce holding Isaac, Greg (Chloe's BF you've heard of before, belongs to Jessica), Chloe, and myself.

June 11-13: Trip to Kansas City. We had a baby shower to attend of a friend Royce worked with at KPMG. The KPMG start group Royce started with has been great friends to us and we all get together a few times a year for any family celebration or White Elephant Christmas Party. Even though I think only one person is still with KPMG and several have moved away we still get together. So Megan & Steve are having a baby and a baby BBQ was in order. We had a great time. We stayed with Brian, Courtney, Emma, and baby girl #2 on the way. Visited a lot of people and let the kids play at their old park, drive by our old house, etc. Wish the weekend could have been longer as we still had people to see we didn't get to this time.
I did get to see my friend Jessica and her little beauty Kaylin. Miss Kaylin had requested to get her ears pierced (joking--she's only 16 months old so I twisted her mom's arm just a teeeeeeny bit.) Jessica was up for it so I came prepared to help. See Kaylin being a big girl! This little girl is such a sweetie.

Now this brings us to the past week. Royce's sister Gina, husband Chris, and girls Gabi, Libby (and baby girl #3 on the way) visited from Richmond, VA. We very much enjoyed seeing them and the kids played so well together. We had pool time, mommy & grandma pedicures, Toy Story 3, and the farm with fishing, exploring, and swimming. These are the pictures that are on Grandpa's camera that I need to get. I'll probably have a LOT of pictures to post once I get hold of them. We had an awesome time. We'll try to get a trip to Richmond maybe in September before the little bundle arrives in October.

Okay, there. I'm up to date! Yay! More pictures as soon as I can.
Tomorrow Royce and I are off to Wichita to see Michael Buble' in concert! Yippiee!!! He's the best performer in person. We saw him in KC March of 2008 and we said whenever he comes back to the area we'd go. We've had these tickets since February and can't wait for a nice getaway.