Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Isaac turns EIGHT!

Woohoo buddy!  It's your birthday!!
Isaac asked me if we could have a birthday lunch together.  Sure thing, buddy.
I'm not going to turn down a date with my handsome guy.  McDonald's it is.

Isaac's actual birthday fell on a Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity for a party with his friends.  Since he has a winter birthday we opted to rent an indoor pool for 2 hours and it was a HIT!

Shark themed goodie bags! 
 Shark attack photo props!!! 

And 15 second-grade sharks! 

The boys got the pool to themselves for an hour then we let Chloe, Tessa, and the "three littles" join in the birthday fun.  It was a great party!   

After swimming we had a pizza party at our house for family.  
Isaac got some great gifts! 

All he requested for dessert was "Ice-cream.  Just ice-cream and toppings." 
Again, you got it buddy.   

Mason sat like such a big boy with his own bowl of ice-cream. 
He was so content doing it all by himself!  Love these boys! 


This boy.  He has such a big piece of my heart! 
Isaac, you are so caring and thoughtful to your momma.  I love that about you. 
You are ornery, funny, and have recently started laughing at your own flubs & goofs and you are such a happy person.  You let things roll off of your shoulders now and don't take everything so personally.  That shows us growth and maturity.  You are the happiest second grader around! 

I hope all your wishes come true!
(especially since I accidently bought trick candles so you had to 'wish' three or four times!)
Seriously --  I truly did not read the package and that lead to many laughs.

Starting January 2016

Hays did receive snow on a couple occasions that warranted some good ole' snowball fights.  FINALLY this winter the kids actually stayed outside LONGER than it took to get dressed in snow gear.  They really did have fun! 

Chloe participated in her first out of town tumbling meet.  She executed her passes very well.  She was a level 7, which meant her passes were Round-off and 3 back handsprings and then a round-off and 2 back handsprings.  She has great momentum, just needs to work on the clean lines. 

The Broncos made it to the Super Bowl!
Since the last Super Bowl party we had two years ago was a BUST (thanks to the Broncos) Robynn & Dustin offered to host this year and we had SOOO much fun!  This group is the best.

Mase-man hijacked my phone!

Robynn and I also took a day to take the kids to Grandma Pfannenstiel's farm. 
The new shed sure changes the landscape but it will be very nice for all of the equipment. 

I'm so glad we got Great-Grandma to sit still and smile!! 

Monday, April 18, 2016


I have to be honest -- I didn't take a ton of Christmas pictures.  We truly had a fantastic Christmas and just enjoyed it.  There wasn't a lot of hustle and bustle, it was just really nice. 
Megan, Justin, and girls came back the weekend before Christmas.  It is always fun to get the kids together. 
SenaKay had gotten a selfie-stick so we put it to the test! 
The Stewart side had our first gathering without Grandma.  It was therapeutic to get everyone together again and we had a nice evening. 
Isaac got a new tree for his bedroom to fit his theme.  It turned out well!  Mr. Jingles, our elf, also got creative with Star Wars and ballerina snowflakes to tell the kids they had a snow day from school.

Amelia and Caroline were angels in the preschool Christmas program.  
 Christmas Eve!
I didn't do well taking many pictures but Robynn however got a new camera and was excited to use it so I'll just hijack pictures from her blog for mine!  Great job, Sis!

We can't let Christmas pass by without giving a shout out to this couple and their smashing outfits!

I've never known a better looking guy in a dinosaur, handgun, poinsettia suit.
Seriously, I haven't. 
Christmas morning! 
We made the kids crawl in bed with us for a picture before we checked to see if
Santa was here!

Closest shown, Caroline had asked for "brand new shiny rain boots!" and Santa met that wish!  Amelia had asked for horse toys so Santa set them both up with their new boots and new horse toys.  Isaac got a skateboard and some Legos.  Chloe got ANOTHER stick horse and a Little Live Pet set. 
We spent Christmas time in WaKeeney and all the kids were all over Andy, as usual!

These pictures were taken at Leonard's funeral, but the kids all had on Christmas outfits so it's fitting to share at Christmas time. 
We are so thankful for all of our family.  With two funerals at the end of the year it makes you appreciate the time you have and the quality of people in our lives. 
2015 was a great year.  Royce traveled even more than I did, we had opportunities for 4-H trips, family road trips and Royce and I's amazing trip to the UK.  God is good!