Sunday, February 11, 2018

Amelia and Caroline turn SIX!

Our mermaids turned SIX!
They are happy mermaids, who do in fact love to swim.  
They are maybe, slightly dramatic.
They love friendships and everything that goes along with it.  

They requested brownie cakes so Amelia's kindergarten teacher made that happen.
She is also a baker and she baked up some delicious confections for the girls birthday!

We had girls, dress-up clothes, a beautiful day in the backyard, and even face painting!

On the girls actual birthday we went to Cedar Bluff with Gram & Papa, Robynn & Dustin & kiddos.
It was a great day at the lake where the kids could play in the sand and the girls could be crazy in the sun.  We are blessed to have Gram & Papa host at the lake when we want to go goof off!

The extra highlight was Amelia losing her first tooth on HER birthday!
It was a month of birthdays and tooth fairy visits (even in a tent at the lake!)

May 2017

Wow, I'm so behind on posting but I was locked out of this account for a while!  Not sure what happened...I'll blame the kids and them using googledocs for classroom activities.  But I couldn't switch my account over for a long time and now I'm back!  Yay!  I don't even care that I'm behind--I'll try to finish out the pictures for 2017 and then see what the future holds for the blog.

So catching up on May 2017.  We had the end of school, horse shows, birthdays, dance recital, and Memorial Weekend.

Mother's Mass 2017 

First lost tooth!  Caroline pulled her first tooth on MY BIRTHDAY!  
May 20, 2017