Wednesday, April 27, 2011

31 week photo

I'm really not one for showing off belly pictures. But I've got belly pictures with both Chloe and Isaac so I thought I would add another to the collection. I'll try to get another one towards the end of the pregnancy so the twins can see how huge they made me but this will do for now.

I still feel really great. I've only gained 27 lbs so far which for me and one baby is doing good not to mention that there are two kiddos this time. Unless something drastic happens between now and delivery I shouldn't exceed the weight gain I had for Isaac so that would be great. The belly definitely gets front heavy, which sounds silly to say, but since there are two little bodies in there it really does carry differently. But again, I feel good and am happy with my health. Close friends even say they wouldn't be able to tell I was pregnant from the back...not sure if they feel sorry for me and are lying or if it's really true, haha!

Winter pictures of the kids

I stumbled upon these pictures while looking through some of Grandpa Wayne's pictures today. They are good pictures of the kids from Christmas over in WaKeeney. Since this blog is multi-purposed for my photo albums then I thought I'd go ahead and upload the pictures even though they're late.

Prentending to have marshmallows in the fire.

Snuggling with Grandpa in Christmas PJ's!

Always have to play on the parked lawn mower.

Big present for a little guy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Shower

My friend Jessica was sweet enough to host a baby shower for me this past weekend in Kansas City. Jessica and I met in our first class at college and we have been friends for almost 10 years, claiming each other's family as our own *on good days anyway, haha!* I was really touched that all of my Kansas City friends came to help us celebrate and prepare for the twin girls! I can't believe how blessed we are with such great friends and family. Thanks to everyone who was there!

Pretty girls! Robynn & Jayme

Double trouble classmates enjoyed a girls weekend of their own in KC.

Co-workers from the past!

Michelle, Renee, Carolyn, and Lisa

Wonderful women---we met through our husbands

Courtney & Megan

Chloe picked out good snugglies for the babies as her gift for them.

And my chaperon for the trip, making sure I took walking breaks while driving and sitting breaks while shopping

My momma!

Not pictured are Jessica's aunts as I claim as my own when they allow:) Aunt Jane, Aunt Chris, and Aunt Michele. Also Jessica's cousins Morgan & Madison and Jessica's hilarious daughter Kaylin. Love you all!

Now I can't wait to post pictures of the girls in their cute outfits we got! And not as exciting but most importantly we were showered with lots of diapers and wipes. They will get us off to a great start although I can't imagine how many more we will need.

April Updates

Papa giving horse rides!

I haven't updated for a while but all is going well. April has been a nice month for us: Royce has gotten the garden up and running planting broccoli and lettuce in the cooler weather. The weather has been really nice and we've enjoyed many evenings outside which is great for Chloe and Isaac. Chloe and Isaac have spent a lot of time in WaKeeney at the grandparents' houses and that has been nice, too. Our biggest task at home is finishing some unfinished parts of our basement. This started in March with the window installation and has continued into April with framing 2 walls, insulation, electrical, sheet rock, and lastly paint. We are on a slight delay now waiting on carpet but that's okay...we weren't going to re-carpet down there but I came upon some really good used carpet at a client of mine so when they replace in a couple of weeks we will get theirs and that will be nice. So next is getting Chloe & Isaac's room set up. They will have bunk beds in Isaac's room with new bedding & lots of fun stuff. Once Chloe is out of her room then we can set up the nursery in her room. So little by little we're making progress.

I did have another sonogram on Wednesday (one day shy of 30 weeks). The babies look fantastic. Baby A weighed 3 lb 2 oz and measured at 30 weeks 1 day while Baby B weighed 3 lb 7 oz and measured at 30 weeks 4 days. So they are doing as good as we can hope for! Lots of comments on how good they look. However, my cervix is already measuring short which means it has potential to start thinning & opening soon. Not good! It's not a guarantee, as we don't know what it would look like for a 3rd pregnancy anyway, but it's short enough to take some precautions. My doctor did not put me on bedrest, just made sure that I'm fine with cutting all of my activity back and resting as much as I possibly can aside from basic activity. Luckily last week was already scheduled to be my last week of work so the timing worked out fine. I'm officially done working until after the babies come. It feels pretty weird to be done but my body is ready for the break. After all, if this was just one baby I'm measuring at about 36 weeks and have 6 and a half pounds of baby in there already. I also received a 2-shot series of steroid shots to boost the babies' lungs as precaution also.

That is the latest! We are in WaKeeney for the Easter weekend. Royce is out at his family farm turkey hunting and I've got the kids aware that the grandmas are in charge this weekend. Rest for momma & they are slowly understanding that it's only temporary that I can't fulfill all of their requests that I normally would.

Happy Easter to all! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post from Easter.