Monday, July 18, 2011

More company!

More friends from Kansas City came to visit us this past weekend.  The Austins - Brian, Courtney, Emma (turning 3 this week) and Annabel (9 months) - were our neighbors in Prairie Village and we miss them dearly.  This is their second trip to see us and we are so glad they came!  What a busy weekend we planned, too.  Good thing the kids were excited to go to bed Friday night because we had a busy Saturday! 
Here they are all nestled into the bunk beds!
Saturday the airport had their Hays Regional Fly-In.  There were all sorts of planes on display, helicopters, and even a C-130.  Isaac also loved the firetrucks. 

Below is Isaac on the Eagle Med helicopter.  Chloe joins him in the third picture. 

This was probably Isaac's favorite--the airport firetruck. 
He knew exactly what it was as soon as we saw it and I'm glad he got to go inside.  

 Emma was a little intimidated but she did get inside for a picture!

My All-American boy.  Love him. 

And of course, we ran into the Hughes family while we were there!  It's fun that our families do the same activities so we can see each other at the events.  This is the kids on the C-130. 

 Funny faces all around!

This shows Chloe & Isaac in charge of the K-State plane. 

There were even games for the kids to play and get prizes. 

We also went to Pottery Works on Saturday.  With Emma's birthday being this week I thought it would be a fun present for her to paint some pottery, knowing all the kids would have a great time.  I think all the parents were impressed with everything also and were glad the kids had fun INSIDE.  Whew, it was a hot weekend!

Here is Isaac painting his helicopter.

Chloe painting her dog. 

Even Annabel got in on the action doing a lovely finger-painting background before she and Emma put their hand-prints on the tile. 

I'll try to post pictures of the finished masterpieces when I pick them up after they are fired in the kiln.  This was a great activity for everyone. 

Fun Pictures

This picture was taken at the Stanton pool on July 2nd.  We had a nice family gathering with the Stewart side of the family and enjoyed good food and fun swimming.  Robynn took this picture of Chloe & Isaac and I just love it. 

Also on July 4th weekend Royce took Chloe & Isaac to Cedar Bluff for the fireworks there again.  Robynn and I took the twins out for a couple hours but Royce and the older kids swam with some Pfannenstiel cousins, enjoyed dinner, and stayed for the big firework show. 

Dustin wanted the kids to go to the fishing derby with him at the Country Club so Royce joined them as well.  Unfortunately nobody was catching fish but Chloe caught a bull frog!  Apparently some people next to them caught a bull frog also so she was pretty proud of her catch, thinking that was the goal the entire time. She was proud to say it was 14" long as well. 

Not all the babies fit onto the blanket!

The following pictures are of the twins at 6 weeks.  I love that they look so similar in the pictures.  In person the size difference makes them distinct but it's fun to have pictures that look alike. 

Can you guess who is who?

Did you guess correctly??

If you weren't sure, Caroline is first and Amelia is second. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Snuggles for everyone!

Chloe has been such a good helper lately when it comes to holding the babies.  When I feed the girls it's nice to have someone to hold whoever eats first for a few minutes after they eat and Chloe has stepped up to the plate for us.  Her new interest is holding the girls on her chest just as Royce & I do. 
Here she is in action holding and snuggling with Caroline. 

And I must say, Caroline had the most content and secure look on her face
while big sis was holding her.  It melted my heart. 

Below is how the girls and I usually hang out on the couch.

Good thing they like snuggling because they get stacked quite a bit but they don't mind! 

And this was how they fell asleep after our snuggling...notice their legs interlocked.

Royce even caught some snuggles with Isaac after his nap.

This last picture was pretty monumental--

We were actually around for church 15 minutes early on Sunday!  That never happens!  We always make it to church but we typically roll in during the opening song. 
So the picture was to remember not only how cute everyone looked (the three girls were in ladybug dresses) but to also remember that we could actually be somewhere EARLY as a family of six!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

Okay, I feel like I sound repeatitive but, again, what a great weekend we had! 
Lots of friends, family, and fireworks!  I won't go into too much detail but you can see last night's fun in the pictures below.  It was a great evening with Mom & Dad Purinton.

Happy first 4th of July girls!