Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our 5-year-old

September 6, 2011

This year Chloe requested that her birthday party be at Sonic.  The Hays Sonic has a great playground area so Chloe had a great idea with it!  The evening could not have been more perfect and she was surrounded by great friends and family for the evening. 

I do enjoy making the kids' birthday cakes.  Chloe wanted an Ariel theme and instead of just a mermaid cake we found this one instead.  I must say, Chloe helped with a LOT of the cake.  It was a fun day decorating her cake with her.  I think she was pretty happy with it!

 Group picture below: 
Top: Elijah, Greg, Isaac, and Emily behind Tessa
Standing: Beau, Chloe, Jacob, and Jaylen
 Grandma Sandy and Elijah's Grandma Judy holding the babies. 

Miss Chloe was full of spunk for the evening.  Silly pose!

Amelia, loving the weather outside.

And below, Chloe and Beau.  These two met at Happy Days and although Beau no longer goes there Chloe talks about him everyday as if he were there.  She has pretend weddings, talks about how STRONG Beau is, and somehow knows every 4-wheeler, motorcycle, or vehicle Beau ever talked about.  This is cropped from the big group picture but it was too cute not to show. 
It sure was a fun birthday party!

These pictures are from her gift from Royce & I, along with Robynn & Dustin. 
A karaoke machine, two microphones, and a stand.  Chloe had a blast singing but I don't see many quiet evenings in the Purinton household again! 

 She loves singing Sugarland's "All I Wanna Do"
 Caroline even got in on the singing.  She licked the mic and Chloe & Isaac laughed so hard!

Happy Birthday, Chloe.  I hope your birthday was wonderful--just like you.

More "stay-cation" pictures

These are a few pictures that I didn't have on my computer when I posted the other pictures from when Gina and her family were here.  We had everyone over one evening and had a great time playing in the back yard.  The kids had so much fun!


Amelia & Caroline got earrings last week!  On Wednesday Aunt Robynn and I took the girls to the mall to get their ears pierced.  Chloe went along also and was such a big girl.  She took her ear plugs because she thought the girls would "scream their heads off".  Their heads were still in tact when we left the mall :)  So funny.  Actually, they did very well and even though Robynn was second guessing her part in the whole ordeal she even agreed that they did pretty well.  About a 5 second cry and then they were calmed and just fine. 
Amelia got white stones, and Caroline pink stones.  We use the same colors for their pacifiers to keep them separate.  So now everyone has a slightly more clear way to tell them apart. 

Here are some pictures showing off their new *bling*


Such sweet girls. I love them more and more each day.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Royce & I took Chloe & Isaac to the KSU game on Saturday.  Amelia & Caroline stayed with my mom in WaKeeney and had a nice day there as well.  I think the grandmas are getting the twin thing figured out, too! 
Gram dressed them appropriately for the game and these pictures show how a
typical photo shoot goes:

We packed lunches and had a picnic at Manhattan's City Park for lunch and had a great day in the town Royce and I love so much.  After some shopping we met up with a college friend of mine and her family at a tailgate party.  Our kids went to daycare together in Kansas City so it was a fun reunion.
Isaac, Chloe, Braylon, Avery.

Chloe loved little Avery.  Such sweet girls!

A family of wildcats!

Chloe was awfully proud of her new outfit.  Granddad Doug had her pick out this cheerleading outfit for an early birthday present.  She looked pretty grown up!

Chloe the cheerleader!

Chloe participated in a cheerleading clinic for TMP High School.  They learned two cheers and a dance and performed them at the football game this last Friday night!  Chloe was such a big girl, or rather, young lady.  I find that I need to correct myself sometimes by calling her even a big girl because she acts so grown up at things like this.  Our neighbor Tessa was the one who encouraged Chloe to do the camp and then Tessa changed her mind and did not perform.  Royce and I were very proud of her participating with I think 40-some other girls!  So very proud.
Go Monarchs!
Emily, Chloe, and Tessa, all friends from Happy Days

White shorts, in the middle 

Whoa, zoomed WAY in!

Sitting with Emily watching the older girls take their turn. 

Sweet reward--popcorn!