Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My little 'bobble' head

How cute is this little boy?!?!?

At one point Isaac tried eating a chip with the helmet on and he couldn't figure out how to get through the face mask. So funny!

Robynn & Dustin (and most of their neighborhood) are big Broncos fans. Yay, I can finally be a Broncos fan out in the open instead of sheltering it in KC! Okay, I'll admit I don't follow them as closely as I could but now I'll be in better company and we can join in on the watch parties. We went to their house this past Sunday and had a great time. My mom got Isaac his little outfit (it was too warm for the matching pants) and luckily the little neighbor boy was in gear as well. Neighbor Greg also had a helmet and Isaac was just beside himself happy with all the props. There was only one football and only one helmet but Greg was so sweet to share with Isaac. I tried getting a picture of all of them but Chloe was more interested in wiggling for the camera and Isaac was more interested in playing catch. Greg was my only obedient subject. Oh well.

Chloe's Birthday

Chloe's Birthday!
I can't believe our little girl is 3 already. We actually moved from PV to Hays on Chloe's birthday, September 6. So we used Labor Day as our day to celebrate her birthday and Aunt Wabie & Uncle Dust (Robynn & Dustin) hosted the small gathering. It wasn't anything major, just enough to allow some good pictures for her to remember the day. She just had one little friend there, Elijah, and we're sure glad he joined us. The kids played really well together.

The little ones, drinking their juice boxes and sitting still for a short moment!

Aunt Wabie & Uncle Dust got Chloe some sparkley jeans. Chloe calls the sparkles "sprinkles".

The bicycle was from Mommy & Daddy. It's the least we could do for this amazing little girl. She is just awesome. She makes us laugh all the time and she's such a good girl. We sure do love our kids.
Yes...the little bike on the handle bars is for her Barbie to ride. You can't ride alone ya' know!

Chloe, happy as a birthday girl should be. And the boys, refusing to wear the girly hats.

Chloe got a little guitar and microphone from Granddad Doug. Here she's wearing his sunglasses and singing to the song the microphone plays. Looks like a rocker to me!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Isaac's Room

I did not paint Isaac's main wall color as the sellers of the house had just repainted within a week or two of us buying it. So I worked with it. I figure he'll be old enough in a couple years to have an opinion on what theme or color it is so I'd just wait until then to go overboard. I added some accents in it and made it a little more of a little boy room. I'm really happy with it. He points to the airplanes and says "Air-pane!" Just melts my heart. And I really wanted to put "Isaac *heart* Mommy 4-Ever" on the tree but Royce wouldn't let me. Any mommy with a little boy knows exactly what I'm talking about!!!! The furniture set was my dad's as a little boy. So here are pictures of his room and of him sleeping his first night in his big bed.

Isaac's name & hand print on the tree.

Still need some accessories but the tractors & trucks will take over soon enough.

Isaac's Big-Boy Bed!

Isaac got upgraded to the big-boy bed when we moved and he has done great in it. He abuses the privilege of getting in/out on his own a little bit but not too bad. He returns to bed upon instruction to do so. He's so little in such a big bed!

Chloe's Room

With the move we knew separating the kids in their own bedrooms would be tough. Chloe got nervous still in Prairie Village wondering about a new bedroom. But when I told her we could paint it and she could pick whatever color she wanted, P-I-N-K was the color of choice. So here are pictures of her bedroom. It was the first to get completed in the new house and I really like it. Two shades of pink and a mural on the wall & closet doors. Her furniture was my great-grandma Mable's and it is so cute. It got a fresh coat of paint and looks great. The paintings on canvas were some I had done for the nursery before I had her but they were a close enough match for this room as well. I haven't found the box of piggy banks & some picture frames yet but there is plenty of time for it to get cluttered up.
Chloe's hand print

I think I'll either put a shelf in the space above the mural or paint her name...not sure which.

The Purinton Family

Okay, we're getting settled a bit at a time. I've got quite a few pictures to share so I thought I'd just create a blog so everyone could check back as they please. I have a lot to learn about all of this so just be patient! I'll start with some pictures of the KSU game we took the kids to on 9/5/09.
Good for a Wildcat - TOUCHDOWN!

Keys ready for kick-off!

Chloe and a cheerleader. She really was happy even though it's a little squinty:)

The kids and Unky-Monkey Michael