Thursday, November 17, 2016

The twins turn FIVE!

We kicked off the summer with the birthday of these two little ladies!


A celebration with classmates was in order and Sonic playground was the place. 
Slushies, brownie popsicles, and fun games kept these busy girls happy!

You are still our girly-girl, you are still very loud, and you are still so openly loving.  Your feelings show brighter and brighter each day and you are so full of imaginative play.  You look out for your siblings and you worry about others who maybe need a little extra care.  You have recently started getting emotional at movies and shows where animals or characters die which shows your heart is the biggest part of your body! 

You are still our 'let-me-prove-it-to-you' type girl and you will follow your daddy any chance you get.  You love animals, you pay attention to details, and you enjoy figuring out processes before you feel successful.  While you take a little longer to show your affection, once you do, hold on!  You are such a loving girl! 

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet girls!!!

Preschool Graduation

A wonderful program, cute graduates, and refreshments for all!
Kindergarten -- HERE THEY COME!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Horses and turkeys and first falls...oh my!

The G-Pa Clan's shows were in March and April at the Bar K Bar arena in Lyons, KS.  Chloe really got her feet wet at these two shows and was neck-and-neck with Holden during the combined shows.  Holden kept the first place standing but Chloe's competitive spirit emerged and there would be no stopping her in the summer to come.  I don't have any good pictures of her riding the events because it was at these shows that I realized she is now too fast to photograph easily! 

The second BIG thing that happened at the Lyons shows is Chloe FINALLY getting to bring Goble home with us.  Austyn is no longer riding him so he was free reign for Chloe to claim.  Of course, a new horse meant a new trailer which is being pulled by a new truck. 

Thanks Justin!  Goble's in good hands!   


Isaac's First Turkey
What an incredible shot! 
After being prepared in their first location only to see hens show up, a move was in order.  Isaac, Royce, Trey, and James Mages quickly moved to a new location to try to find some toms.  There was no blind, only sticks and trees to hide behind as the turkeys were spotted in the middle of a wheat field.  There was one turkey Isaac spotted and he kept his eye on it for quite a while as it came into range.  But before it was close enough, an unexpected tom showed up right in front of the group and  Royce nodded that now this indeed was the one, and Isaac quickly had to change focus to the new tom.  With the blast of the 20 gauge, HE GOT HIM! 
At least that's what Royce had to tell Isaac...because the shot knocked Isaac over and he missed seeing it! 

It was a proud moment for both father and son. 


Another first for our family was first times falling off of the horse. 
We were all at a horse show in Walker and since these shows are so family friendly we decided to let Amelia and Caroline do some exhibition events.  First up was Flying-W.  Chloe had already ridden in the event and Goble was frisky and fired up.  Amelia was up next for her turn and Chloe rode with Amelia.  The only issue was that Goble was a little too frisky and Amelia let go of the reins to hold on.  Soo....Goble took off faster and faster, just doing what he thought he was supposed to do.  Both Chloe and Amelia bounced and bounced in the saddle, Chloe landed on top of Amelia in the saddle pressing the saddle horn into Amelia's chest, and then both of them came tumbling off of the horse.  We knew right away that the fall was happening.  Royce was already at the gate and I jumped up from the lawn chair to head into the arena as well.  I'm really not one to panic, but I had seen the rough bouncing and knew that there were two of our children to comfort, not just one.  I ran to them and it wasn't until I was holding Amelia that she let out her first gasp for air.  The wind was knocked out--way out!  But on both girls all moving parts were properly moving and secured parts were still secure.  Goble had stopped once they fell...he had done nothing wrong.  He wasn't out of control or anything, he was just running the race!  The arena help quickly praised Chloe for her quick thinking in keeping Amelia safe and away from Goble's feet while falling.  That was very encouraging to her.  It was a first fall for both of them and I think it helped Chloe to get it out of the way while also getting to act as a safe big sister who had a duty of keeping her little sister safe.  And me?  Well, the announcer announced to everyone that "Momma can run fast!"  Guess I've still got it!

Chloe rode all day, Caroline still did another exhibition event, and Amelia had some medicine and a nap.  She did wake just in enough time for one last event and had her daddy walk her slowly through the course.  Such a brave cowgirl. 

Her words after leaving the arena after the fall were
"If I want to be a trick rider I have to know how to fall!"

Bless her heart!