Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny kiddos

These kids just never cease to amaze me. Today we got a taste of what Isaac has ahead of him for the summer. We went to WaKeeney to get an entertainment center from Royce's parents and they have a little play car for Chloe and Gabi to drive around their yard. Isaac is really good at being a passenger to his bossy driver and does whatever she requests. Fills up pretend gas at the garden hose, goes in pretend houses in the flower beds, etc. They play very well together. But tonight it was time to drive back to Hays and Mr. Isaac did NOT want to leave 'his' car. Even though he's never driven it, only ridden in it, Royce had to tear is little fingers off the car and wrestle him into his carseat. At this point in time Isaac screamed/cried the entire way to Hays and even though it only takes 30 minutes it was an eternity to the rest of us in the car. I have a feeling that this summer he is not going to cooperate when the weather is nice and he has to come inside. Terrible two's and busy boy all in one coming ahead I think.

And Miss Chloe is into accessories right now. She carries a purse almost everywhere she goes and tonight she insisted on sleeping with it on her bed with the rest of the gang she snuggles with each night. The whole group was there, and evidently her future is so bright she has to wear shades. I couldn't agree more.

And yes, that's drool. Surely she takes after her father.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Isaac's Birthday

Okay, I'm going to post these pictures but I don't know what order they're in because they are showing up funky on my screen. So, here they are! Today was Isaac's birthday and I just can't believe that he is 2. He had such a great day; woke up happy and Chloe was gone so he even got to use her plate for breakfast:) He spent the morning as an only-child and enjoyed every bit of it. Grandma and Grandpa Purinton brought Chloe over for the birthday party and we had such a great time.

I made a cow cake and I have to admit I think it turned out pretty cute. Isaac had a blast, having several friends and family members over to help him celebrate. Thank you all for everything!

Also happy birthday to Kaylin and Libby! You girls are so special and we hope you had a great birthday also.

Royce's birthday

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy weeks!

Okay, I know it's been forever since I've blogged. SORRY! I've been consumed these last few weeks planning a birthday party for Royce and also busy working. Hopefully I'll get my pictures downloaded soon so I can post them too. First things first:

Isaac tried cracking his head open AGAIN. Luckily Royce's mom was here (Sandy is a nurse) and was able to tell that he was fine AGAIN. This time he pulled the fireplace screen down over him and sliced his head in the exact same spot the last ER run was from. Honestly, the exact same spot. This one didn't swell as bad, but it did cut it open, and the swelling is much harder lasting longer. BOYS.

Next was planning Royce's 30th birthday party. The party was great. A nice-sized gathering with all guests wearing lovely cowboy themed clothing to make fun of Royce's childhood pictures of him naked on a spring-horse, showing his cattle (dressed this time), etc. It was a lot of fun. Thank you to those of you who were able to make it! Royce and I appreciate you all so much.

Yesterday was Royce's actual birthday. I was painting in WaKeeney all day but made it back to town for Royce to grill his own birthday dinner (he wanted to!) so we ate steaks and baked potatoes. Yum! Then Royce and Chloe had a sports class together at the Rec center. Isaac and I went to watch but we won't be doing that anymore. It was torture for Isaac to have to watch on the sidelines while Royce and Chloe played soccer with the other kids. It'll just be Daddy/Chloe time from now on. Chloe had a blast seeing all the kids there and kicking the soccer ball. So cute.

After class we came home and put Mr. Isaac to bed. He was a big-time grump yesterday. So after he was in bed we cut Royce's birthday cake (lemon bundt, as always!) and Chloe and I sang to Royce. I couldn't find my regular birthday candles so he just got the "3" from Chloe's last birthday:) It was enough. Then Royce opened his gifts and we had a nice night even though the little grump missed the fun. That's okay, Isaac has his birthday next so he'll get his fun. But really all that means is another party I have to plan! At least this one doesn't have to be kept secret.

Okay, I'll try to get pictures downloaded soon and will post them. Our friends from KC Brian, Courtney, and Emma are coming this weekend as they had a change of plans and couldn't come to Royce's party. We are very excited to have KC company come visit us!

Everyone enjoy their week!