Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

Santa was here! 
 Looks like he left Chloe a Nerf cross-bow, Isaac a trash truck that he has wanted the last two times in the Breckenridge toy store, a Pogo Stick, Stilts, and Trampoline for all the kids to share, and two Dyson vacuums for Amelia & Caroline.  Santa also left a note to Chloe and Isaac about sharing.  Seems like he must have thought it was necessary to reinforce sharing to the kids at this time.  They were very pleased with their findings and have shared quite well. 
Chloe and Isaac each got BB Guns from Royce and I. 
Amelia is also shown in her Doc McStuffins outfit. 

For lunch we hosted 25 members of Wayne & Sandy's families.  It was a fantastic day.  We could not have asked for better weather or better company.  Royce and I finally got to relax and enjoy our 8 weeks of hard work on the house.  A few things still need to be installed but it was great to use the new spaces. 
Amelia & Caroline got a new kitchen from Grandma & Grandpa!

How many men does it take to figure out a pink BB Gun?

Don't shoot your eye out!

Nice shooting, Gabi!

Grandpa even played some Christmas music on his
guitar while the kids gathered around. 

Great job, Grandpa!

Gina, Shelly, Deb, Sandy, and Carol spent some time trying to figure out the card game canasta.
They had a good time and are really close to figuring it out! 

Chloe was coloring in one her the new books and she finally gave up on the day.
It was a wonderful Christmas and we were blessed to have everyone in our home to celebrate.

Christmas Eve

Everybody loves Papa! 

Annual photo montage

Hope Santa comes soon!

Visiting Santa

"Dear Santa, I have been a pretty good girl this year.  I would like a Pogo stick, a Tent, a Trampoline, a Selena Gomez sleeping bag, some stilts." 
Then---in the car on the way to see Santa--Royce and I were asked for a pen.  Then asked how to spell "please" and "colt".  She added to her letter (after Royce and I had read her original copy)
"I would also like a horse please.  A colt would be fine too."
Isaac's read:  Star Wars Legos, Trampoline, Pogo stick,
Star Wars sleeping bag.
The kids did really well!  Caroline was content with holding Chloe's hand the whole time. 
Amelia was actually just in a silly mood and to get her to stay still she was happy holding Royce's hat.  Not too shabby, kids!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas numero uno

'Tis the season!
Our house is still under construction but Christmas must go on!  We are fairly settled right now, with the final phase of construction to begin on Wednesday, hopefully wrapping up by the weekend. 
We enjoyed an early Christmas dinner tonight with Dad/Granddad.  With travels and different directions over Christmas it worked well to have an enjoyable evening tonight. 
What a group of cheeseballs!   

Chloe and Isaac weren't pictured after they opened their presents because they were wheeling around on the new hardwood floors.  Isaac got a scooter and Chloe got rollerblades!  New, open floors were perfect for zipping around indoors.  AND, we even got all the kids to bed without a visit to the ER!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November 2013

This is a picture that Chloe drew at school on Veterans Day.
Before I took the kids to school that day I made a point to stop and get our flag out of the garage and hang it outside so we could talk about it on the way to school.  Chloe grasped the idea pretty well, and both kids acknowledged our relatives who have served. 

Chloe's most vivid thought is of my cousin Morgan (Stewart) Musser and her husband Matt.  They are both Captains in the US Air Force and pilot C-130 cargo planes.  They are currently stationed in London, England, however we got to go their base in Little Rock, AR when we were there a few years ago.  Chloe still remembers going on board a C-130 and learning about what all they haul.  So for Veteran's Day Chloe drew Matt & Morgan piloting a C-130 hauling other service men and women to their destination.  Morgan was very proud of Chloe for this picture! 

 Isaac has become quite the artist also.  He really enjoys coming up with things to draw.  We put up a special line in the basement with clips so they can display their artwork.
This is K-State's CRAZY TRAIN! 
The kids know the Ozzy Osbourne song from the games and love watching the train crash into the helmet during the opening song at every home K-State game. 

This was actually Isaac's first powercat that he drew for Royce.
Proud Daddy!
Love our K-State kiddos!

November brought the 'extra' holiday our family & extended families celebrate --
Opening Weekend!
It was warm, there weren't many birds, but come rain or shine we will be at Grandma Pfannenstiel's farm for opening day.  Unfortunately Charlotte McGown was sick so Megan & Charlotte were not able to come with Cam this year.  It wasn't the same without them!  We love having them join our family events each year. 

Royce took Chloe, Isaac, and neighbor Jace to one of K-State's football games. 
As always, the kids were pumped up when they left Hays so I snapped this picture of Isaac in the before they left.  I posted it online with #futurewildcats in the subject and this picture made it onto the Jumbotron during the game while they highlighted Future Wildcat kids!  Yay Isaac!

Laundry, anyone?
Hope all of the wrinkles came out of Amelia okay!

Thanksgiving was a very enjoyable day.  Why was it so enjoyable?  Because Amelia & Caroline would not leave Andy's side!  *insert evil laugh here*  Once they were fed I didn't have to touch them for HOURS!  I'm sure Andy was exhausted at the end of his visit.  But he sure was a good sport putting up with them.  They are already excited for him to visit our house on Christmas day.  I hope he gets his rest ahead of time!  Andy is currently a firefighter in Liberal, KS. 

We had a couple of cute veggie stealers at Aunt Robbie's for Thanksgiving supper. 
Luckily they were so cute we didn't mind their slimy little fingers double-dipping in the ranch dressing from the veggie platter!

Starting to get cold out!
Better bundle up!

Sweet Stella turns T W O !

November 9, 2013

This little cupcake is just as sweet as the cupcake on her plate.
I love her to pieces, and can't wait to corrupt teach her SO much more stuff :) 

Yes Caroline, I just called Stella sweet. 
Keep eating your sugary frosting.

Stelly is really lucky that Aunt Meggie hasn't stolen her chair yet.


There were more Minnie Mouses by the end of the night than any of us could count!  This special girl received some super fun toys.  Stella, everyone loves you so much.  You are such a happy girl and your smile & giggle are infectious.  I can not wait to see what the next year brings for you little one.  And even more so, I can't wait to see how much longer your mommy can control those curls of yours.  Your Aunt Meggie & Uncle Royce love you sooooo very much. 

Silly pictures

Hold on, Caroline!
For the 50th day of school, HFE's kindergarten classes celebrate with 1950's day.
Isaac cooperated, although he did not trust me with his hair.  But he did cooperate and go along with it.  I think he looked great!  I have always thought Isaac looks like my dad.  Boy, oh boy, did this single day as dressing for the 1950's make that come to life.  My dad was born in 1956 so this was really accurate for the time.  And if I had not done Isaac's hair in that particular way we may never have really known how much they do look alike. 
 My original picture, with no special lighting.
My picture turned to black & white.
I posted this picture and several people who have known dad for years (including his mother!!)
thought it was my dad, Doug.  This is Isaac! 

Time for some side-by-side comparisons!

Speaking of hair--during Red Ribbon week the kids were "Drug Free from Head to Toe" so they got to accessorize each respective part of their body for each of the days of the week.  A fun way for these uniformed kids to have a little creativity!   

While painting my cabinets in November I had my big pantry cabinet door out in the garage.  I had painted in the garage for several days and Amelia & Caroline were very cooperative.  I had all of the little doors on a table or on saw-horses.  But the big pantry door I just propped up on empty cereal boxes to raise it off of the ground a bit.  After the final coat of paint should have been dry I looked down at the door and noticed a leaf on it.  I swept the leaf away, knowing the door was dry by then.  Then my hand felt some additional texture.  Hmmm....
I went to the end of the door and raised it up so I could catch the glare from the light and this is what I saw indented into my door. 
I guess if a platform is a couple inches off of the ground it makes a perfect runway.
I honestly don't know who did it.  The paint was all-but-dry when it happened because it just dented the paint and left sock fuzzies, but really didn't get paint on any socks.  I think it was Caroline, but it was Amelia who told me Caroline did it and I can't trust Amelia one single bit to tell the truth. 
I put a fresh coat of paint on the door but when I hung it up I could still see the indentions in the reflection from my kitchen light.  I had planned on leaving it, having a fun story to tell.  But in changing our floors out a few weeks later we actually ended up removing the pantry cabinet altogether and getting a new one in a different location.  I'm honestly kind of sad I don't get to have the foot indentions to look at.  I still have the door...maybe it has a future with another purpose just so I can hang onto it a little while longer. 
Amelia and Caroline have started alternating days at daycare every once and a while.  Brandi usually has one opening a day, so if there are days that I really need to get other things done I will send one of them to daycare and keep the other with me.  This particular day I had a TON to do so I could meet a project deadline.  A TON to do.  And Amelia was such a sport.  Most people would say "Oh man, I have to take my two year old shopping with me all over town today!" But I said, "Wow, I only have to take one two year old shopping with me all over town today!"  It was fantastic!  Aside from the convenience, it has been really good for the girls to have time apart from each other and get extra one-on-one time with me.  It's amazing how much more they talk, they play with the other one's special toys, and just feel---special.  As they should. 

Amelia was such a big girl.  She went to paint stores, staging the office I was working on, shopping for furniture for the office I was working on, and back to the office some more.  She was wonderful.  She even fell asleep on one of the bean-bags in the furniture store I was shopping in.  Bad mom?  Nah, just a good, resilient kid.  Roll with the punches, Little Lady!