Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Snapshots

4th of July festivities

On July 4th we went to Grandma Donna's.  Matt & Morgan were in town for a few days.  Probably the last time we see them before they move to England for 3 years.  I know we'll see them at Jamie's graduation next summer but I HOPE we see them in England in the next 3 years as well!
Amelia & Caroline were little fishies and loved being thrown in the air. 

July 5th I took Chloe and Isaac to the lake. 
Galen & Debbie, Steph's family, and mom & Ron were out there.
Papa drove us to the swimming beach in his Ford.  Chloe and Isaac were amazed by the window cranks..."Mom!  Look what you have to do to roll up the window!"
They also liked helping Papa shift gears.  It was fun watching them.   

Watching fireworks @ Cedar Bluff 
July 6th was the Wild West Fest parade.

Robynn, Matt, & Morgan ran in the 5K earlier in the morning.
It was nice for Matt & Morgan to join us for the parade as well!

July 6 & 7th we spent at the farm again.  Chris & Gina and their
kids were in town so we all camped (indoors because of the rain) and had
a nice time.  The kids get along so well and it's fun to get them together as often as we can. 

Castle Rock

The Wentlings wanted to make a trip to the lodge and to Castle Rock this summer.
We enjoy very similar activities so we knew it would be a fun weekend. 
I'm not going to caption each picture.  It was just a great weekend exploring what God created!

Tee-Ball Summer 2013

Chloe and Isaac both enjoyed their first year of tee-ball.
Boys and girls have VERY different expectations of tee-ball. 
Boys want to throw and make outs.
Girls want their ponytails fixed and want snack time.
I'm a girl--I played competitive softball.  I'm not judging here.
But in tee-ball, the differences are HUGE!
It was a joy to witness, that's for sure. 
Royce was an assistant coach on Isaac's team and I helped on Chloe's team.
It was a lot of fun to see the kids interact. 
Chloe is catching here

Last batter--the ball gets thrown to the catcher to tag the incoming runs.
Isaac up to bat! 

Chloe up to bat!

Chloe playing second base (best position!)

The Rockettes

I just laugh at this picture below.
Royce is such a proud papa and Isaac looks like he's in la-la-land. 
That's better, Buddy!