Sunday, July 25, 2010

More swimming pictures

These are some pictures of swimming at Grandma's pool this week. The kids are getting VERY brave! Even Isaac wanted to jump off the board. I swear, he has frog legs. He would leap OUT so far, not just up then down. I got his belly on my head in the first jump because he has distance! Silly guy. Anyway, here are the pics.

I swear, Grandma didn't push him!! haha!

All-Star Chloe!

Yummy Popsicle break

Chloe the fish, swimming so well with her jacket. She would put her head under water, too!
That's about it lately. We've enjoyed a quieter month. June was so crazy that we enjoy staying home a little more often. We'll have fair pictures to share soon! Enjoy the rest of summer everyone!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Gram's Birthday & 4th of July

Friday night we all (Robynn & Dustin, mom & Ron) went to the lake (Cedar Bluff) for mom's birthday. Her brother and some of his family were there so it was a lot of fun. The lake fireworks were fantastic and we just had such a great evening. Actually so great that Royce, the kids, and I never left. We stayed the night in my aunt & uncle's camper, or as Isaac calls it, their "little house". The kids loved having the sleepover. Saturday we stayed until about 1:00 and decided our kids needed baths and good naps! They were asleep before we even left the campground.

Happy Birthday, Elaine/Gram!

Claire getting in on the fun.

My super-de-duper-cute-patriotic-boy.

Saturday night Wayne & Sandy came over to Hays. We tried new recipies and other than the salmon everything was from our & their gardens. It was a really great meal. We enjoyed neighborhood fireworks and Royce did a few of our own. Chloe has been scared of the fireworks in the past so we had quiet but bright ones to ease her back into enjoying the 4th.

Sunday we went to church and then headed over to my grandma's here in Hays. My cousin Morgan and her husband Matt were in town from Little Rock, Arkansas. They are both C-130 co-pilots in the Air Force. They were in Iraq over Christmas, back in April, and here for the 4th. It was so great to see them and I'm so proud of their accomplishments and all of their service to our country. It was a great day of family, swimming, and eating ribs until we were miserable. Chloe was a fantastic swimmer with her life-jacket. She really learned how to use it and did great. She jumped off the board twice without hesitation and then the last time (when all the cameras were out!) she hesitated. See pictures & videos below! Again--my videos are in backwards order...SORRY!



Watch second--it's the actual jump.

Watch first--it's the pre-jump!