Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's happenin' in July

Cancelled ball games due to rain, but beautiful rainbows!

Isaac thought he could cling to our toy cabinet like an America Ninja Warrior.
It's a great, inspiring show and can inspire kids to stay active.
But we have a sing set & trees outside that aren't full of interior decor. 
Maybe Isaac can practice being a spider monkey outside next time. 

The Gator's last T-Ball game.
Thanks for coming to watch games, Britny! 

A first for me!
Donating 11" of hair to Locks of Love.
My Momma never lets me down with a great cut & color.

Chloe's coach-pitch team the Fireballs had a great season!

A birthday luncheon for Robynn brought more snuggles with my newest crush.
Although I think he was a little unimpressed with our sushi. 

4th of July

Isaac was pretty tired after the 3rd of July party so he slept in his USA shirt.
He is quite the patriotic boy.

Early on the 4th of July we woke up and went to the Country Club's fishing derby. 
What's that?  You see Isaac is still in his USA gear from the night before?
Surely not...I mean, he's a boy and loves wearing clean clothes.
Surely his mother would not have let him wear clothes on the 3rd, sleep in them, and then wear them again on the 4th.  He would have protested and insisted on clean clothes. 
Or not.

Stella was bopping along and ready to fish!

Chloe's biggest catch!

She actually won the girls division for longest fish!
Mason even dressed up and came to fish!
Well, he dressed up and showed up anyway. 

During the loud fireworks on the evening of the 4th I painfully volunteered to stay inside with this sweet face while his momma enjoyed time with the others outside. 
Can't you tell how terrible it was?
I mean....we just sat and stared at each other.
I had to look at those gorgeous blue eyes for like two hours straight.
Poor me. 
One week old

Annual 3rd of July @ Wentling's!

And the rocket's red glare!
The bombs bursting in air!
Hays had 11 inches of rain in June therefore city officials lifted the ban on fireworks that had been in place for two years.  Everyone was so excited that fireworks could be a part of our annual tradition!
There were 50 in attendance at Trey & Rachel's annual gathering.  It was a beautiful evening full of laughter and waaaaaayyyyy too much food. 

The night ended with a 2 1/2 minute finale by Trey followed by 8,000 black cats going off in sequence.  It was pretty amazing!! 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's a B O Y ! Mason Quinten Hickert

June 27, 2014
And baby makes four. 
Mason Quinten Hickert
11 lb 6 oz.
23 1/2" tall
Just in one single day look how big this girl looks all of a sudden. 
Stella, walking into the hospital to meet her "baby budder". 
Has no idea how her life is about to change but all of a sudden looks like she is off to school, college, I don't know.  It's just amazing to me how big older siblings get all in an instant.

She ran straight to her Momma, probably confused as to why she was in a hospital bed, happy to see her.  Dustin got out the video camera and I took hold so he could introduce Stella to Mason.  As he lifted her up over the bed Stella took one look at him, and very clearly said softly,
"He's beautiful."
And he sure is. 
I'm no big sister, but I can already tell this gal is going to rock it. 

There's just nothing like holding a brand new baby.


I'm happy for Chloe to get to experience a new baby.  She was too little to remember bringing any of her siblings home so it really excites me for her to experience this.  She loves Mason so much.  I know once he's interacting a bit more she will be the best cousin to him.  And once he's past the basic interactions there are a handful of males in the family who are awfully excited to have another boy!  Mason better hit the ground running because Isaac wants to play!

Welcome to the world, Mase-Man!
Your Momma is happy she's not carrying you anymore and the rest of us are so happy to meet you.  You are beautiful, have a silly/squirly calic, and are going to be so fun to watch in the future.   
And those dimples?!?  Really?????