Sunday, December 30, 2012

Broncos Pictures!

I didn't post these pictures in September because Robynn and I used some of them for Christmas cards.  But they are so good I need to post them now!
We got together for my Dad's birthday and took pictures all dressed in Broncos gear. 

Lexi Ann Purinton July 10, 2005 - December 14, 2012

This is the last picture we took of Lexi. 
Royce took her to one last field to hunt before taking her to the vet. 
The picture really hides how much weight she had lost.
Lexi was only 7 but developed kidney failure and had quit eating and eventually quit drinking.  She was a first child to Royce and I and losing her was a tough loss for our family.  She went through four knee surgeries at the age of 2 and was a big sister to all four of our kids.  She brought great frustrations but even more joy. 
Here are some pictures of how we will remember Lexi. 
This is when we picked Lexi from the litter of puppies.  They called her Annie.  Royce and I had already agreed on Lexi for a name so we used Ann as her middle name. 
She was the most social puppy and came up to us right away.
Amazing how that trait stuck with her forever!
Being a puppy was tough work!
We got her the week of our 2nd Anniversary in August of 2005. 

Her Aunt Robynn made her this Powercat bandana to support our Wildcats!

We celebrated Lexi's first birthday when I was hugely pregnant with Chloe in 2006.
She was a good reindeer dog Winter 2007
November 2009 Opening Weekend Hunt
This was Christmas 2010.
We had adopted Charlie and both dogs were so great with the kids. 
Summer 2012 and Lexi had more kids tackling her!
She was the permanent stair-step up to the couches.

Fall 2012 Lexi and Charlie made their outside beds on our loveseat.
Rest in peace, Sweet Lexi. 
You were an amazing animal.
So strong and powerful but so gentle with our family.
*Chloe and Isaac went with Royce out to the Purinton farm to bury Lexi.* 

Mr. Jingles


Look who showed up in our home this December!
Mr. Jingles.
He is our elf that Santa sent to keep an eye on our house. 
Chloe and Isaac were SO extremely excited that Santa sent an elf and they obeyed
each and every rule that goes along with having an elf. 
He only lost his magic one night by staying in the same place two days in a row. 
I assured the kids they hadn't made Mr. Jingles lose his magic that particular day, it must have been
that Mr. Jingles just wanted to stay in the dining room an extra day to keep an eye on things. 
Here are some of the fun things he did while he was here this December! 

I forgot to take a picture his last day in our home.  He made paper snowflakes and
hung them from the ceiling fan in the firplace room.  He left his paper clippings on the loveseat so Chloe and Amelia threw them away.  He actually swung from the fan switch in the midst of his snowflakes and had Mr. Potato Head's glasses on. 
It was quite a sight.
I hope the kids are good enough for Mr. Jingles to visit us next December as well!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas #5 - Whew!

Dad and Sandy came back for Christmas on the 26th.  They were planning on coming the 25th but the weather in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas was just questionable enough we all thought the safer bet was to hold off for a day. 
We had a great Christmas with them though!  iPads and toys were all around. 
It was a really fun evening. 
Stella got a Zanyzoo and it was a hit!
Each of Robynn and my families got an iPad. 
I think Dustin and I will see the least of these trinkets ;)
Chloe and Robynn were quick to break them in.   

Stella and Grandad!

And Isaac convinced Grandad into a pretty serious sword fight. 
Boys will be boys!

We were also able to set up our fish tank and put some fish in it a day later. 
Royce and I got it for Chloe and Isaac for Christmas and they are pretty excited. 

We started with five fish. Do you know how long it takes two kids to agree on five fish names?
A long time.
But we welcomed Brookie, Goldie, Henry, Gillie, and Gups. 
And we've already said good-bye to Goldie.
Good thing Goldie was only 28 cents and there are plenty of other goldie's to acquire. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas #3 - Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

I clumped these two events into one as the night goes late enough it usually runs til morning anyway. 
We stuck to tradition and stayed up late opening presents and playing games.
Here are some pictures after church.  Caroline (left) wore Chloe's dress.

Chloe had the camera and the girls loved posing for her! (Amelia by herself and on left)

Amelia says a woman's work is never done.

Cousins, at Robynn & Dustin's house.
Stella wasn't digging the whole picture thing but that's okay.
She's pretty enough to hold her own. 

We always do serious pictures and then a funny one.
With Marley's perfectly timed photo bomb our best serious one became the funny one!


Home a little before 1am we set out cookies & milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

And Santa came!