Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cinnamon Peace, Pink Ink, and Haircuts

To make up for no candles at Chloe's birthday party we decided to
have candles in her cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day.

Totally groovy, Man!

Chloe caught Caroline faced.
Caroline got into one of Chloe's ink pads and decided to taste-test it.
I didn't actually check but I'm assuming it was non-toxic.
She's fine.

And Gram gave their first haircuts on her back patio a couple weeks ago. 
They had crazy fly-away hairs that needed to be tamed. 
Enough was trimmed on top for the baby books and it looks so much better!

Caroline pink, Amelia white.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chloe is S-I-X ! ! ! it obvious to everyone else how much I love birthdays?  I really do.  It's not about spending money, it's about letting my kids know that I will go all out for them in ways that matter.  Royce and I do not buy our kids expensive things (sorry, kids!) and we don't live a fancy life. 
We live a happy life. 
And while there are plenty of exceptions I'm sure, I do believe that our kids appreciate what they have and what we do as a family.  That is a good feeling. 
Today Chloe turned six. 
Chloe, you are a fantastic little girl.  You are spunky and sassy, and make us proud in all that you do.  Sure, you still throw a fit every now and again, but you recover and learn from your experiences.  You are more genuine than any other kid I know.  There are times you work to a fault putting others before yourself.  I think that's what makes me love celebrating YOU so much on your birthday. 
Because you deserve it. 
You want to lose a tooth more badly than I can put into words.  I don't think you'd care if a tooth were knocked out, as long as it meant you lost one.  None of them are even close.  Your manners are wonderful, you are very artistic, and you think outside the box. 
I hope your sixth birthday was everything you'd hoped. 
(I have a feeling that it was.)
I always decorate once the kids are asleep so they can wake up with something fun on their birthdays.
Upon arriving to school Chloe was welcomed by a birthday hat and her Kindergarten class animal - Jungle Monkey!
Jungle Monkey got to sit at Chloe's desk all day and Chloe got to wear a birthday hat for a while, too.
I ate lunch at school with Chloe today.  It was so much fun!
Truly, truly something I am going to do more often. 
 After school Chloe decorated her cake.
Peace signs all around!

What do you do with extra frosting?
Squirt it like squiggly brains into a spoon I guess.  
Chloe wanted to have four friends play at Sonic. 
The girls (Tessa and Emily) go to HFE with Chloe.
And the boys (Jacob and Elijah) are from previous daycare/preschool. 
It sure wasn't any thing fancy but the kids had fun.   

Okay, bad mom.  I left the matches at home.
No blowing out the totally-awesome-homemade-peace-candles.
I have another little cake at home, we'll just have to re-create!
Mmmm!  Chloe didn't know the cake had different colors!
And Chloe's gift from Royce and I...
Her own room.

This was a blood, sweat, and tears type of project. 
Royce and I worked HARD at getting this done and keeping it a secret from Chloe.
Painting the room, building a stage, repurposing an old piece of furniture, and buying new accessories. 
But all that work was worth it when I saw this face. 

She has wanted her own room for a while. Not necessarily for the sleeping aspect, but the privacy and space aspect. She still plans to sleep in the bunk bed in Isaac's room every once and a while.

There was so much to take in!
A loft!

This room looks fancy and looks over the top, and it is, but it didn't cost much at all.  It cost Royce and I's time and effort.  And those are two things we do our best to give our kids.
I am rarely known to splurge and I'm okay with that.  But I can honestly say that paint and bedding were the biggest expense in this room and that was still all under $120 I'm sure. 
WORK is what this room cost us, and we were happy to do it for Chloe. 
The biggest transformation was the entertainment center.  Royce built this in high school when TVs were still almost three feet deep.  Flat screens weren't in the equation yet.  It's a big, SOLID, piece of furniture that was just...big. 
So now it's big with a purpose!
Hang up dress clothes, vanity space, storage, and a loft!
We had all the lumber for this from previous projects so paint was the only expense.
Chloe said the best present and best surprise was her room.  I'm so proud to be her momma and love that she sees that pride by knowing our efforts. 
(Don't tell Chloe I said this--but she even held my hand under the table at lunch today!)
My 'little' girl still does exist. 
Chloe Marie,
You are one of a kind.
We love you!
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chloe's family birthday party

On the eve of Chloe turning six we had a family dinner at our house. 
Chloe picked the menu:
"Gina's Casserole"
Pineapple and Mandarin Oranges
Fruit Punch
Ice cream sundaes with:
Gummy Bears
Gummy Worms
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Syrup
Butterscotch Syrup
More Sprinkles
Chloe and Royce cooking the casserole.

Okay, we couldn't get Stella to smile at all when she sat with Gram.
Gram stuck her in a chair and she went into model mode.
Stella casually smiling....and... 
Stella trying to smile.


B I G G E R !
Normal Stella...and...
C H E E S E !
It's not a birthday party until Uncle Dust is in a princess party hat. 

Making sundaes with Dust!

First K-State game!

September 1st was K-State's first football game.
We took Chloe and Isaac (Thanks Grandma for watching the twins!) and had a great time.
They are such great K-State kids.  They watch the game and just love being there. 
I sat in the back with the kids for part of the drive so we could get Chloe's hair braided:)
We have new seats this year.  They are doing a lot of construction at the stadium and our previous seats are no longer there.  So here is the view from our new seats!  Not too bad. 
Love my kids!
Isaac jingling his keys for kick-off! 

K-State won!
That always makes Royce happier, too.

Reaching new heights

"Caroline, what are you doing?
"Who? Me?"

Go ahead, carry on.  

Yes, we are taller now.  We climb onto chairs which leads us onto tables.  We reach things that everyone else in the household enjoyed us NOT reaching.  No more escaping us.

We also think we are very big stuff and should get to
eat with the big kids!