Monday, May 28, 2012

Year one--complete! Amelia and Caroline's Birthday

Today is Amelia and Caroline's birthday.  One year of joy, one year of smiles, and one year of hard work.  Several people have asked me if it seems like a year and I can honestly say Y E S.  It has seemed like a year.  In the early months there were times that Royce and I said at the end of every day "*sigh* We made it through the day."  One day at a time.  And today we said it again but we got to say "We made it through a year."  It has been a year of hard work but it has been work that God set out for us and we have faced it head on and worked together to succeed.  It was not always easy but it has been very satisfying.  We have beautiful children who are good, well-intentioned people and they are ours. 

With each day that was hard, that very same day was also amazing.  These girls have brought so much joy into our home.  They are happy often and are fun to watch.  They play with each other, adore their older siblings, and like being funny.  They are happy for each other.  If one is getting tickled the other is giggling knowing the other is so happy.  That is fun to watch.  Each smile makes the hard work fade away. 
You walk, you babble, you are funny and ornery.  You have six teeth and know how to use them on my shoulders.  You shove as much food as you can into your mouth before you chew and you always beat your sister done eating.  When you want something you SQUEAL at the highest pitch you can possibly release from your little body.  You already had your first ER visit to get your forehead glued and as much as you like to climb, I have a feeling we will be back.  Frequently.  You walk straight off of furniture and stairs.  You LOVE to be outside.  You are content.  And you already know how to hug really tightly.  You giggle when I tuck you into bed, and you are very good at going to bed. You have started throwing classic temper-tantrums.  You know "more" in sign language and clap when you are all done.  You talk very sweetly.  You wave your whole forearm when saying "bye-bye". 

You walk, you babble, and you move around with purpose.  You have eight teeth and choose to cut them several at a time.  You are a slower eater than your sister but you eat very nicely.  You are stubborn and will say "uuuhhh!" until you get what you want.  You talk very, very loudly but it is not a yell.  You attempt to go down stairs and off of furniture correctly (feet first, backwards) and although you are not always successful I appreciate your attempts.  You are happy and content outside.  You stand in your bed until you are ready to go to sleep, but like your sister, you are a good sleeper and you both go to sleep on your own very quickly.  Your temper-tantrums consist of a lot of the "uuuhhh!" noise previously mentioned.  You know "more" in sign language and shake your head back and forth very purposefully when you do not want something.   You open and close your hand to say "bye-bye". 

Here are pictures of the girls eating cake and opening a few presents!


I'd say it's time for a quick bath!

This picture was actually taken a different day but it shows the new bath seats that Granddad Doug gave them for early birthday presents.  Bath time is extra fun now that they can both be in there together. 

Done with baths and ready for presents!!

Happy Birthday, girls.
I can't wait to see what is in store for the next year!
I wouldn't miss all the work for anything.
*One year pictures by Leann's*

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012 - Wind, wind, and more wind!

This Memorial Weekend we decided to spend two days at the lake with some WaKeeney campers, including Mom and Ron.  Upon driving into the campground on Saturday we promptly drove right back out and onto WaKeeney because of an approaching storm.  Correction: a QUICKLY approaching storm.  So we hit the highway and made it safely to WaKeeney.  We sat there for about an hour and headed back out to the lake.  It was a nice evening, wind aside. 

We felt the camper blowing in the wind all night long, and woke up Sunday to more wind.  Nobody was going to worry about any water activities so we did the best to keep the kids entertained. 

Royce took the kids fishing in a little pond at the lake.  They had really good luck!  I came to catch some pictures of them and I couldn't have timed it better! 

See for yourself!


 What's on Isaac's line?

A fish!

Great catch! 

Awesome job, Isaac!

Chloe just wanted ONE more fish before she could be done.  I think they both caught three in the whole time fishing but she just really needed her last one and was very patient. 

I see a fish!

 That's my girl--let Royce hold it while you pose nicely!
Great catch, Chloe!

After fishing Shirley Hager broke out the squirt guns.  Luckily she was a good sport and played along, too!  The kids had so much fun and the grown-ups did as well. 


Amelia and Caroline also enjoyed the lake as they could be outside as much as they wanted.
I think most of our battles anymore are because they want to be outside all the time.



Isaac is ready for water wars!

Shirley and Amelia playing peek-a-boo with Shirley's visor.

While at the lake Isaac made a new "best friend" as he calls Darris. 
Darris is the son of a WaKeeney couple who were also camping at the lake and these two boys hit it off right away.  Darris had a car at the lake and I'm pretty sure it logged more miles than any watercraft did this weekend. 
The boys actually look very similar as well!

And Chloe's one request while at the lake was that she ride her bike on the BMX bike trail. 
She was determined to do it and she did GREAT!  Royce and I were amazed at how fast she went.  Those hills were B I G for someone her size!

And last but not least, Caroline showing off her sunglasses from the weekend. 

 I LOVE how little their noses look with their shades on!
Ha Ha Ha!