Monday, August 24, 2015

July Happenings!

Annual 3rd of July party at Wentling's!
Trey's finale was fantastic, but it just couldn't keep Amelia's attention.   
And these two pictures prove what we've always known.  Trey does indeed fart flames and have fireworks coming out of his ass. 
4th of July parade! 
Late July we took a trip to Colorado to the Royal Gorge.  It was a great weekend.  We had beautiful weather and really enjoyed our time around Canon City. 
 All Aboard!  2 hour train ride through the Royal Gorge.

Dad even walked across the bridge!  I can't believe I witnessed that! 
Our last day in Colorado we found a putt-putt golf, bumper cars, and go-kart adventure park.  It was a fun day playing outdoors in all activities.   

To say that Amelia and Caroline enjoyed the bumper cars is an understatement.  Oh my goodness, they laughed and had the best time.  Chloe and Isaac really enjoyed the go-karts.  They got to drive their own cars and really had a great time.  It was a fun way to end our Colorado vacation. 

Mase Man turns ONE!

This little guys has the ability to light up a room.  He's so happy and you can usually count his teeth during his big, lasting smiles.  It's been a fun year watching you grow into a little boy who understands wheels, noises, and being rough and tough. 
So many cousins to help you celebrate!
Photo bomber! 

Mason, we are so happy to watch another little boy develop into a stinky, noisy, rough-housing little creature who wants to watch wheels and see how far things can fall.  It's amazing how you boys are geared so differently.  We love you to pieces and hope your second year is just as great as the first!

Summer Shows

June brought Granddad Doug back to Stockton, KS for a car show.  This was the first time we had seen his 1965 Shelby Cobra complete and were able to get rides in it.  The kids thought it was a lot of fun!  Chloe may have thought it was a little too much fun. 
Granddad did great at the car show, bringing home a few plaques. 



Royce spent the start of Father's Day Weekend out in Colorado at some Rockies games with his college friend Michael.  The guys had a great time but we missed him while he was gone.  It was nice to have him home to properly celebrate Father's Day as a family. 

We also had a horse show at Walker at the end of June.  Chloe has improved so much in the last year, it just amazes me.  She has stepped out of her comfort zone, listens to those trying to coach her, and has done very well. 

Stella, Caroline, Amelia, Austyn