Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TWO times TWO !

Amelia and Caroline turn two!
We celebrated their birthday on Memorial Day with the Purinton family in WaKeeney. 

Caroline was so shy while everyone was singing! 
Katie was ready to help blow out candles which is actually only fair because Chloe blew out Gabi's 4th birthday candles.  So I guess Katie was looking out for her big sister :) 
Caroline finally got the hang of it!

Amelia and Caroline,
You are funny, funny, FUNNY girls.  You both usually have smiles on your faces and if you don't then it's probably because you aren't getting your way.  You both are stubborn, you both are ornery, you both are FAST when trying to run away with something you aren't supposed to have.  Caroline, you wear your expressions on your face.  Your eyebrow expressions can give your thoughts away in a heartbeat.  Amelia, we have nicknamed you our 'honeybadger' because 'you just don't care' what stands in your way--you will overcome it.  You don't care if you have shoes on, you will walk on rocks to get where you want to go.  You don't care if a chip has been in the trash, if you are hungry you will get it out and eat it.  Lord only knows where that determination will lead you in life!
But there is not a single day that goes by that I don't call you "my sweet girls".  Having you has given us more challenges than we thought we could handle and more joy than we probably deserve.  We love our family so very much.  Isaac can now tell you apart.  He used to just call you both "Sweetie" but for about two months he has really learned who each of you are.  I ask him if he looks at your earrings and he says "No, their heads".  I believe him.  And Chloe is the best big sister to you both.  She plays, gets tortured, and loves you like a second mommy. 
Anything or anybody is a jungle-gym!

When either of you have something you aren't supposed to have, you run as fast as you can with it behind your back (even if I am actually behind you and can see the item in clear view) then you hide it from me, usually with your sister helping you scheme.  All of the giggling and squealing is usually a dead give-away.  And it makes me giggle too.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girls.
We can't believe you are T W O !

Pfannenstiel Reunion 2013

Kids, baseball, AMAZING food, and more kids & baseball. 
Best.  Reunions.  Ever.
As a kid I remember loving these reunions and as an adult I still do! 
Plus--Chloe said at the end of the day
"This has been the BEST weekend EVER!"

I love this lady!  Grandma Pfannenstiel is one of a kind!

Three sets of twins!
Kaleigh & Maddi (Mike & Kerri Fehringer)
Amelia & Caroline
Liam & Laken (Brandon & Lindsey Tilley)

"I think we're going to blow away!"

"Okay, maybe we won't blow away"

"Whelp, Caroline found a chip on the ground so life is good again"

Stelly had her piggie tails and runnin' shoes on!
She put a lot of miles on those little legs!
Exhausted girls!
Did I mention baseball? 

Living Room Dance Party - Recital 2013

This was the first year Chloe was in dance classes.  She has been in tumbling since she was two and decided it was time for dance.  She had a fantastic year with Becky's School of Dance and I am so proud of her! 
Rehearsal pictures

The big day! 
Chloe was pretty nervous but also excited to be on stage.   

Aunt Robie must have gotten the 'peacock' color memo. 

Chloe and Lindsey in the dressing room

Gabi and Isaac came to wish Chloe good luck backstage!
Chloe danced to "Sugar Sugar" for tap
"Bing Bang" for jazz
and "Let Them Be Little" for ballet

After the recital, Chloe saw other dancers with flowers.  I don't think the thought had really crossed her mind until she saw others.  I could tell she didn't expect any flowers though, since she hadn't asked for them and hadn't realized that is what dancers get after shows. 
But luckily Chloe's daddy knows a thing or two about surprising his little girl.  I have it all on video but this is a still-image of him giving her some flowers.
Isaac and Gabi came right up to her and told her what a good job she did.
She was walking on air! 
A parent doesn't want any more for their child other than for them to be happy.
Chloe was one happy girl after recital. 
She was just as happy to get a treat from Dairy Queen afterwards.