Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, Part 1

Merry Christmas Eve! I guess right now it is actually Christmas, but that's only because we're up so late. The tradition with Mom, Ron, Robynn & Dustin for Christmas is to go to Christmas Eve service and then open gifts late at night. So we started opening gifts around 10:00 tonight. Chloe and Isaac managed to stay up late enough to get through the gifts before heading to bed around 11:00. Poor kids! But I know it's just a few years of them being little until they're old enough to think it's fun to stay up so late.

So here are some pictures before church.

Chloe was so proud to have her pink bear have a matching dress for church. She got dressed so nicely. I'm pretty sure these dresses are going to be put to good use--for a long time!

Christmas Eve, 2009
Next blog, pictures from after church while we were waiting for Robynn and Dustin.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Eve, Part 2

My handsome reindeer:)


Waiting for Santa
(nevermind the fire...)

Ron, Elaine, Dustin, Chloe (her tights were too itchy after church!), Megan, Royce, Isaac

Funny Faces! We take this picture every year. We are always so goofy that this picture is always a tradition. We really need to compile them and see how little we've matured! Fun fun fun.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Chloe & Little Greg

Today we had lunch with Chloe's friend Little Greg (His dad is Greg, therefore he is Little Greg in most cases. When dad's away we skip the Little part.). Greg (4 1/2) is Robynn and Dustin's neighbor and we've referenced him before at Broncos watch parties. He's such a sweet little boy and Chloe just adores him (and I'm pretty sure that is mutual!). So today we had lunch at our usual location of McDonald's so the kids could swap Christmas presents. Chloe saved her Broncos shirt for about 4 days just to wear for Greg. They had a good time just as they always do so I snapped some pictures.

We told the kids to sit down for pics and Isaac secluded himself but was just as proud as could be:)

Playin' it cool.

Gettin' friendly.

Total BFFs.

Giving Isaac some love too!
Chloe got Little Greg the Toy Story version of Yahtzee! and Little Greg got Chloe a very cool princess tiara & wand along with finger nail polish. I quote Chloe in saying "It's the best present EVER!" Gee....could the fact that it came from her little crush have anything to do with that?!?!? I did not get a picture of Greg's little sister Jaylen--she had to watch all the fun from the high chair. Soon enough she'll be out there running around too!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cute kids

I caught the kids in pretty good moods the other night after baths so I snapped some pictures of them. I LOVE Christmas pajamas! The brighter the better!

Don't worry...there are plenty of presents that have made their way under the tree!

Two goofballs. The sign says, "Dear Santa: Leave Presents- Take My Brother"

Merry Christmas!

Snow pictures

Last week we had over a foot of snow. Chloe loved it, loved it, loved it. She usually gets frustrated if she falls during playing, etc. but she couldn't get enough of making snow angels, standing in the deepest drifts, and sledding. The sledding pictures from the farm are all on Grandpa's camera but maybe we'll get them posted over Christmas.

Isaac was sniffly with a runny nose for a few days so he didn't get to play much. He didn't have the desire like Chloe did though so it was okay. We stayed inside and drank hot cocoa and he ate the marshmallows:)

Ready to go!
Chloe has outgrown her pink snow pants so these were the ones that came with Isaac's coat. They were plenty big for her. But...that meant when Isaac went in the snow he had to wear the pink ones. Poor kid!

Chloe swimming in the snow.

The snow was so powdery it wouldn't pack at all. Chloe wanted a snowman really badly so they did the best they could. I think the carrot and two lava rocks are still on my porch....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Early December

Sorry it's been an extra week since I've blogged, time is just going by too quickly! We had a WONDERFUL trip to KC last weekend. We arrived at Brian & Courtney's Thursday night and as we were driving past my old work, past our old house, on to our friends' house we said to ourselves, "Everything is so FAR!". Gosh, seems like my old commute that was a breeze just was forever away. It just took so long to get everywhere in KC. We are definitely spoiled now with easy driving and any rush hour that Hays has only lasts from 5:00 - 5:10. But, traffic aside, we loved visiting everybody. Friday was a busy day, we woke up & had breakfast with Courtney & Emma then the kids and I headed out. We visited Wanda, the lady that was the kids' caregiver while we lived in PV. Wanda was so happy to see the kids and they were happy to see her and the other kids. All the kids have grown so much, it was great seeing them. Then we headed to Royce's office and my office to say our hello's. Have I mentioned it was great seeing everyone?!? We went to lunch with the girls from my office and then the kids were ready for naps. After naps we hustled to get family pictures taken and then get back to PV for our 4th Annual White Elephant Christmas Party. The group of friends all started working together in the fall of 2004 and we started the party the year following. Most of the group have moved onto different jobs but the friendships are there to stay. What a fun group!

Saturday we all went out to breakfast then visited our former neighbor, Don. Don saw my kids grow up from the time we brought them home. He was there to greet us each time with a thoughtful gift. As soon as the kids could stand, they would stand at the door and wave at Don across the street in his front door. Don is 86 I believe and captured our hearts the moment we met him. Such a dear friend to us and we were glad to visit him and let our kids play in his back yard a little. He has 2 bridges in his back yard so the kids could circle for hours I think. I believe Don was the hardest part about leaving Kansas City.

Sunday we just got up and going. We picked up our TV we had ordered (Yay!) and then headed to my friend Jessica's. She and Kaylin were home and we had a nice visit. It wouldn't ever matter if it were 2 hours or 2 days, we could talk forever! Kaylin was born almost exactly a year after Isaac, February 12th, so Jessica enjoys seeing the mischief Isaac gets himself into because she knows Kaylin will be doing that before long. Kaylin was walking! She was just so happy and just strolled from place to place. What a sweetheart she is.

Here are some pictures from our stay at Brian & Courtney's. The kids had so much fun playing. Chloe remembers Emma (17 mos) from the time she was a little baby so I think Chloe enjoys seeing her advance as well. Chloe and Emma had the same PJ's so we had to get pictures of them. But Isaac and Emma had a little communication between them that was pretty cute. One evening they were playing "bye bye" together. They would each grab a play bag and tell me "bye bye!" and walk to the other room together. When they'd arrive in the other room they'd GIGGLE like you wouldn't believe. They really felt like big stuff! Then they'd arrive back in the room I was in and they would be so proud. This cycle repeated a few times and they had so much fun. Then they went "Bye bye" to the kitchen and I didn't hear anymore noise. All mother's know that when it's quiet is when something is wrong! So I went into the kitchen to find both kids putting the dog food into the dog's water. Lovely. Little stinkers!

Thanks to everyone we visited while we were in KC! We had so much fun and will be making another trip this spring!