Sunday, November 21, 2010

Radio City Rockettes!

What a great weekend we had. Chloe said we were going to Radio City to see the Rockettes. I guess Wichita is close to Radio City:) But what fun we had. Chloe packed her purse and even had a scarf she put on before the show started. The people sitting next to Chloe were entertained just as much by Chloe as they were the Rockettes. She was such a good girl though. She even would stand in front of her chair and dance every once and a while, too. But she was awesome.

This is when the dancers first came out and there was a strobe-light making snow all through the arena. She was pretty fascinated.

The falling of the soldiers takes about a whole minute to happen it is in such slow motion.

Miss Chloe and the Rockettes!

When all the Santa's came on stage she just shook her
head and said, "Wow, that is amazing."

Final kick line! Great show!

Chloe and the poster gals. She even put her leg & knee up (under the scarf)
to be more like the dancers. She was so much fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not much going on!

Nothing new really going on. We are gearing up for a fun "Girl's Weekend!". Gram Elaine, Robynn, Chloe, and I are going to Wichita to see the Radio City Rockettes. I have seen them before but none of the other girls have. It will be fun to do some shopping and also see Chloe's face when the dancers and Santa come on stage. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the event I can post next week.

Here is a funny Isaac conversation tonight:
Isaac: Mommy, I have a band! (as he was playing a guitar)
Me: Cool! What kind of music do you play? Rock & Roll, R&B?
Isaac: Nope. ABCDEFG.

Pretty cute little guy!

Have a good weekend, everyone!