Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pre-school Fall Program

Isaac had his fall program at school today.  To say he was scared, nervous, and uneasy is an understatement.  But Isaac was BRAVE and did what he needed to do.  Royce and I could not have been more proud of him!  He is not the preformer that his sister is so this really took some guts. 
 Isaac is far left in all pictures.
He had some good moves!
Playing the fiddle....
...slapping his knees....
...a wink to the crowd....

...counting five pumpkins.... 
 ..."the wheels on the fire truck go round and round" for safety....
...and we remember the bible and we remember "ME!"
The three girls, huddled together up front!

And the best picture for last...
Isaac and Rachel.
Isaac we are so proud of you for facing your fears and singing in front of everyone today!
You are pretty awesome!

50th day of school

1950's day for the 50th day of school!
The HFE Kindergarten class had a fun-filled day of activities. 

Bowling, bubble-gum blowing, hula-hooping, milk-shake making,
and of course, the hand jive!


Chloe and her teacher, Mrs. Cristy Dinkel
Chloe and KB's teacher, Mrs. Staab

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Puppy Stage

I think the twins have been in the puppy stage for a while now.  They are both cutting all four molars.  OUCH!  That is a lot of big teeth to break through those gums.  Their top molars are about 2/3 through, the bottom molars are just getting started.  We've thought we were in the puppy stage when they started crawling.  But that was nothing.  These two are everywhere.  Up, down, and everywhere in between.  What goes up, must come down.  And what goes down just wants up again.  Times two. 
They were playing in the dog kennel in the back yard last weekend.  I don't think either of them realized how tempting it was for us to just latch the door since they liked it so much. 
JOKING--Totally joking!!
Okay, mostly joking.

They also enjoy opeining up my computer desk and POUNDING on the keyboard.
I can move my chair and close the doors and it doesn't matter.  They just shimmy their way back into place and open my desk back up.  About a year ago a lady told me that she had 18 month old twins and she said "It's amazing what good teamwork they can develop when they are trying to plot against you.  They just work together so well when they are getting into trouble." 
Yep.  I totally get it. 
 Here Caroline is showing her 'look'. 
The look of "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this but what are you going to do about it?"
 The kids enjoyed a nice afternoon outside last Sunday for Grandma's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


When I was picking Chloe and Isaac up after school on Thursday Chloe's teacher pulled me to the side.  During pick-up the children have to be quiet in the activity center so Mrs. Dinkel was whispering to me.  She said, "We talked about teams in class today.  What makes a team, who is on a team, etc.  So I asked the kids 'Who is important on a team?' and Chloe raised her hand and answered 'Collin Klein'."  It took a minute to compose our laughter in the quiet activity center! 

To say Royce was a proud daddy is an understatement! 

*For reference in years to come, Collin Klein is currently KSU's quarterback who is leading them in their undefeated season so far.  He would make an excellent addition to any team so Chloe's answer was spot on!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

TMP Cheerleading Camp!

Chloe participated in the TMP cheer clinic again this year.  The girls had two sessions of practice and then particpated in the halftime show on Friday night.  Chloe loved every bit of it!
She was even in Wednesday's paper after practicing on Tuesday. 

 Chloe pictured second from left during snack time.

Friday night was COLD!  the girls were bundled up for a long night of being outside. 
The TMP cheerleaders provided hair bows for the girls.

Kindergarten classmate Grace O., TMP's Lexie, and Chloe


Organized chaos??  Maybe.
Chloe is kneeling in second row left of center. 

Here she is!

They also got to help with the run-through before the game.
Chloe on left with pink gloves.
Walking onto the field!
Chloe is front row, third child from right, with pink gloves & black headband.
Waiting to start!

 Great job, girls!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is our family.

Isaac brought this masterpiece home from school last week.  They had to draw their families and
I LOVE when my kids draw pictures on blank paper. 
Not coloring pages.  Not connect the dots. 
Blank paper for their little minds to create images.
And Isaac very accurately created our family. 
He even got Caroline a little bit bigger than Amelia and he told me right away before I said anything that he had done so.  His attention to detail has really grown lately and I was one very proud momma when I saw this picture.  I can see his little mind and hands drawing each and every line, foot, finger, and nose with care. 
He is my Isaac.
And he drew our family.  
Here are more pictures the kids have drawn and painted in the past few months. 

Chloe's class does a paper craft with each letter of the alphabet. 
They are almost done with the letters and I wish I would have kept them all for a while. 
It's pretty cute what they come up with to make but what impresses me most is her handwriting on each page.  She is VERY good at writing on their journaling sheets and it's fun to see the nice, clean letters she is creating.  
Isaac painted the bus picture for me.
He painted it at home and even put most of the people in purple shirts for K-State:)
Chloe and Isaac each wanted to draw Halloween pictures for decorations around the house.
Chloe did hers first.  I didn't even know she was doing it and I was blown away at what she came up with!  What detail!  And again, on a blank sheet of paper.  SHE created this out of HER ideas.
Love my creative kids!
*Note above:  The things Chloe pointed out to me were the spider web, blood on the skeleton, and banged up bones.  Such good detail on the spine I might add!  And she filled all of her negative space with sky.  Love it.  It is displayed on the fireplace mantle. 
Isaac copied Chloe's skeleton for his picture which is on the front door. 
Isaac's picture earned a frame for his room!
Chloe has several pictures hanging and Isaac has finally gotten to the point that he is
proud to show off his work.
Way to go, Isaac!