Friday, May 28, 2010

Where's Isaac?


Isaac is still a firm believer that if he can't see you then you can't see him! His feet stick out of most hiding spots:) Love this little boy!!!

Go Truck Go!

Thursday night we went to Go Truck Go! This is an event that is at Hays High and put on by area Parents as Teachers/ Early Head Start programs. It was so much fun! Local businesses, law enforcement, fire department, farmers, etc. bring their vehicles in for kids to explore. It was really a neat event. Isaac was startled by all of the horns and sirens that kids would initiate so he kept close to us. My dad, Granddad, came with us so he just hung with Granddad quite a bit. Chloe was a busy body...she wanted to see it all. She sat in all of the following vehicles: Fire truck, cement truck, trash truck, race car, monster truck, school bus (she was strapped in and ready to go!), tractor, ambulance, and rode the mini-train. She LOVED it. And she especially loved honking the horns, especially when Granddad and I were standing in front of the engine! This was a really neat event!

Isaac was already up at the driver's seat before I could take a picture of them together!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forgot the group photo!

Chloe's class got organized for one photo (well, kind of!)

And those of you who have the blog updates emailed to you, the videos might not come in the email form so you might have to come to our blog to actually see them.

Here's Chloe's class:)


Here are some videos from the last few days. Chloe had her last dance class for this session. It was a very informal class but organized enough to make her feel like she did something each time. The Hays Rec offers great little classes that are so cheap and it's nice to have the kids do something for a few weeks. Chloe was a VERY good girl in her dance class and the teacher appreciated her cooperation so much. She is in the purple & black leotard with the ponytail:)

*Note: The videos uploaded in reverse order so the first video is actually at the bottom. It doesn't really matter...but the 3rd then 2nd kind of go together.

Isaac was quite vocal this afternoon with his singing! But then he transformed into an animal or two...silly guy. His video is actually the first.

Monday, May 17, 2010

And a duck to top it off.

What a weekend. Robynn and I decided last week to have a garage sale on Saturday. We had been setting stuff aside for a long time so it wasn't a big deal to throw together. Along with the garage sale Chloe and Isaac were going to set up a lemonade & cookie stand. Or rather, Chloe and Isaac's mom, dad, and aunt were going to set up a lemonade & cookie stand. Royce and I stayed up til about 11:30 Friday night making cookies and finishing the signs. Chloe had been feeling kind of under the weather Thurs/Fri so I didn't want her to help much but I knew she'd be able to sit at it on Saturday and not over-do it. She was SO cute! Isaac was in and out, but Chloe was a pretty good saleswoman. *we went to a garage sale 2 weeks ago and Chloe bought lemonade and a cookie therefore wanting to be a lemonade-girl when she grew up*

Saturday morning arrived and people started showing up at Robynn's at 7:00am. Robynn let them shop and the early ones were great customers! The morning was very steady and we did quite well during the busy times. Marley and Lexi (Robynn's dog and ours) were at our house through the sale because Marley would have gone nuts hearing people at their house all day. Royce came back to our house about 11:30 and both dogs were gone. They had dug under the deck, through my Iris plants and out they went. So I immediately drove from Robynn's to help Royce look. He found them across Hall Street, and for any of you who know Hall Street you don't want your dogs running across it. But, they were safe and it was probably only about 20 minutes of racing hearts on our end. That was pet drama No. 1 for the weekend.

Pet drama No. 2. At the end of our garage sale one of Robynn's new neighbors had their dog run away (a yellow lab). We had just seen it so I jumped in my car, Royce took off on foot, and so did my mom. We had just been through this and really wanted to help the neighbors. I ended up seeing it and got it to run back by their fence line and the dog ran up to the front of their house. Royce got down so the dog would approach him, which worked great. However when the dog smelled Royce's hand he growled and attack-bit his whole hand! What the?!?!? I saw Royce bend over in pain and Robynn left the dog and approached Royce. I assumed Royce just got hit in the man-parts but boy was I wrong! I know Royce---and Royce was in serious pain. The dog punctured his middle three fingers and drug his teeth down the middle finger scraping a lot of surface. The deep canine teeth punctures didn't bleed much but they were deep into the tissue. I honestly haven't seen Royce have that shock/pain before and I know a lot of it was disbelief. The homeowner/neighbors of Robynn's are actually friends of theirs and felt absolutely awful. Royce is even golfing with Dustin and the husband on Friday. The dog has never bit anyone before and we assume it was purely confused/overwhelmed with the new neighborhood, first night in the new house, and 4 of us chasing it in every direction. But we can't decide if it was Lexi and Marley's smell that got it upset or the greasy Taco Grande we had just eaten?!? (Mmmmmm, Taco Grande!) Pet drama No. 2 behind us.

*Garage sale was successful, and Chloe & Isaac even made $15.25 at their lemonade/cookie stand! I told Chloe we're gonna do that more often so we can pay to have a babysitter come over more:)

Sunday morning we heard something in the fireplace. We had thought maybe we heard it the day before but weren't home enough to really hear any repeat noises. Royce and I worked for about an hour and a half to try and see what it might be. We assumed a bird, hoping for no squirrel or raccoon. Our vent is hinged on the horizontal and opens to the top/back so we didn't want to squish the creature behind the vent. So Royce opened it little by little and I taped one of my makeup compacts to a spatula so we could stick the mirror in there and try to see what it was. No luck. Royce used his fishing net and even put it behind the vent to try to grab something, leaving the roped handle over the edge. Royce finally gave up, going to take a shower. Our friend did not like being left alone. It was ticked off. So all during Royce's shower I'm running back there giving him updates on the noises and Royce was upset I hadn't given up yet. So he came back out and looked up the chimney, immediately saying "Where's my net?". The handle was gone! Our friend had obviously rattled the net enough to get the rope to fall behind the vent. At that point Royce realized that there was a hollow space behind the vent therefore ridding our fear of squishing the creature. So he really cranked on the vent to open it further and was geared up. Leather gloves, safety glasses, sweatshirt with hood up. I was in catcher mode with a trash can and cookie sheet to cover the trash can. We had the front door open ready for a quick exit. Whew, here goes. Royce went in for the grab and on the first attempt the animal squirmed which gave Royce the jitters but geared him all the same. Okay, attempt number two and we're ready. Royce grabbed the creature and the net in one swipe moving slowly around the vent. Out he came and I just saw this wing that kept coming and coming and coming. I said, in slow motion, "" and Royce said, "It'". A duck? A duck. Pet...drama...No. 3. Unbelievable. Royce had a good grip and our webbed-footed creature was not squirmy at all. Royce took him outside. Unfortunately for Daffy his wing was pretty crushed, either from the vent or from Royce getting him out. So in Chloe's words, "Daddy put a band aid on him and he flew away". Her words, not ours. Sorry Daffy, but at least you're not suck in a chimney anymore. Royce had never hunted a duck before so he 'got' his first one in our chimney!

So that was our weekend full of animal adventures. We learned that even though the neighbor dog might be a family dog maybe strangers should just "shoooo" them over to the homeowners. And we also learned that our chimney has no top on it whatsoever. We'll be installing a screen or shield shortly.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A nice weekend

We had a great weekend, as usual. We got up EARLY on Saturday to head to Ellis where I dropped Royce off to golf with Ron and Jeremy (Ron's-daughter-Megan's-husband). At that point I drove with the kids to WaKeeney and spent the morning with Megan and her kids, Devin and Carlee. It was such a nice morning. The kids played so great and Carlee even got to celebrate her 5th birthday which is this coming Thursday. The rest of Saturday brought us all getting ready for Jared Hager's wedding. Jared was a classmate and family friend of all of ours. Carlee was the flower girl and she looked so sweet. The wedding was outdoors and they had a perfect day. We got nice pictures at the reception of Ron's branch of the family tree all together. Chloe had a blast at the dance. Devin was great dancing with her and she showed off all her moves (as you can see in the video).

Sunday was a nice Mother's Day. I'm so blessed to have such a great husband and kids. I had asked for a cookie jar and Royce came through. I've never had a cookie jar and this last Christmas I got one that looks like a present and it was kinda fun to have around. Plus whenever I make cookies I always struggle to find a sealed container that works very well. So this cookie jar looks nice in the kitchen (year round) and seals well. It is perfect. And Royce threw in a gift certificate for a pedicure too so that's not bad either:)

I hope all mothers out there are as loved and appreciated as they so much deserve. A special Mother's Day wish to my mom, mother-in-law, and grandmas. You are all so special to us and we love and respect you so much.

The last picture is of Isaac and Grandpa Purinton snuggling while watching Mickey Mouse this morning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lettuce Update

Not much new to blog about, but I was asked to give a lettuce update. Apparently the lettuce that received the little 'pep talk' is doing quite well and will have to be thinned down, while the other lettuce that did not receive such encouragement is not doing as well.
I'm sure you all will sleep better at night knowing this. :)

Chloe starts a new dance class today. It's the same class that she had last time but I'll try to get better pictures this time.

Isaac is quite the charmer right now. He's been cutting some molars I think so he was pretty moody the last few weeks but now he's on the up and up. Such a sweet boy. Talking up a storm!

Okay, will update more when there's more going on!