Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Isaac

This picture was taken at his 3-year check up. Sorry it's blurry, it was just on my phone. He put the gown on and then said, "Look mom, now I'm like a real doctor!". Such a sweetheart. His check up was great and he was in the 30th percentile for height and weight.

Isaac has been such a charmer lately. He loves snuggling and saying how much he loves us. He kisses my tummy in two places for the babies and talks to them while laying his head on my stomach. He's going to be a great big brother.

This morning was another moment when Isaac made me laugh out loud. He and Chloe were watching a cartoon and he actually flagged me into the living room to say, in a very charming voice with big eyes, "Momma, there is a pretty girl on here...." with a sly grin. The funniest part is that it is an animated cartoon. And he was soooo serious. I think we're going to have our hands full with him!

Monday, February 14, 2011

T-W-I-N-S !

When I woke on Friday, February 11, 2011 I had no idea what was in store. Our 20 week sonogram was scheduled for 9:30am and we were excited to see the little baby who had started kicking more and more. I will give as much detail as I can in the next paragraphs, both to share our excitement and to also make sure it is all documented so I don't forget!

Here is how the conversation went upon entering the room:

Me: "We do not want to know the gender of the baby, so tell us to look away from the screen whenever you need to measure certain parts of the baby that might give it away."

Tech: "Okay, I will. I never know how well people know their way around the screen."

Me: "This is baby number three so we know our way around the screen pretty well."

Tech: "I don't have you in our system; you must have had your other children somewhere else?"

Me: "Yes, in Kansas City, so all of our appointments were there."

At this point the tech put the transducer on my stomach and said, to which I confirmed, "Third pregnancy? Two live births?"

Me: Yes

Tech: "This is twins, did you know that?"


Tech: "I'm not joking, there are two babies here, this is twins. Is this the first you are aware of this?"

Royce and I "Um--YES!"

Royce: (looking at the screen and already seeing it for himself) "Are you kidding?"

Tech: "I'm not joking, there are two babies."

At this point Royce and I were just speechless and fairly quiet. Excited, confused, speechless!

Tech: "If this is the first you are aware of it let me check to see if there are anymore."

This got a reaction!

Royce and I: "Oh my gosh, what?!? (full of laughter, this was our first exclamation of the visit!).

And 'just' two babies were found.

That 15 seconds of activity was more than I would have ever imagined. It's a blessing that the sonogram turned into a nearly 2-hour visit because it forced Royce and I to sit and absorb the information, without operating heavy machinery or even making phone calls! We just had to sit and watch in amazement as our tech measured TWO babies.

The shock of twins is really not a huge shock in the grand scheme of statistics. But the fact that we had no idea until our 20 week sonogram was the icing on the cake. As far as me and my pregnant body goes, I am bigger than I was with Chloe and Isaac when it comes to my clothing & appearance. But when it comes to weight gain for the 20 week stage I have actually gained less weight than I did with Chloe and Isaac. With previous pregnancies I have gained my weight early in the pregnancies and I thought my appearance was just going hand in hand with that, but I still felt great on the scale so I didn't feel any bigger overall.

As far as my previous doctor appointments, there was no indication of multiple babies. Hays does not routinely offer first trimester sonograms unless there is a cause for concern. I have been healthy and my morning sickness was only slightly different than it was with Isaac. Isaac's sickness lasted from weeks 8-15 and with this pregnancy it lasted from weeks 8-16, with two additional spells after that point. But no real signs of a difference. At my 10-week appointment and again at my 14-week appointment the nurse has had a difficult time finding a heartbeat. We could always hear it in the background but she really had to poke & prod to get a good enough reading for a consistent heart rate measurement. At my 18-week appointment the heartbeat was found slightly easier, but even in moving the transducer there was only one found. The babies have been tricking us all along!

So that is where the history stood. Friday showed us two completely healthy, active, and moving little babies. We were at 20 weeks and 1 day on Friday. Baby A measured 20 weeks 0 days and Baby B measured 20 weeks 2 days. And their heart rates were within 3 or 4 beats per minute of each other. In determining identical/fraternal we don't have conclusive answers. It appears there is only one placenta although at this late in the screening it could be two placenta that lay next to each other or are already fused together. Our doctor would say from the information he was given he believes there is just one. And the sonogram appeared to show one outer membrane and two inner membranes, meaning the babies are in the same outer sac but individual inner sacs. *This is my terminology--I apologize if I'm mis-using terms but this is the best way for me to describe it.* These items will be given extra attention at our next sonogram.

And the big question--genders?!? I REALLY had a hard time breaking our rule of not finding out. We were probably 45 minutes into the sonogram before I agreed to it. Knowing the identical/fraternal question would be a big part of the twin pregnancy I agreed to find out...but it was really hard! We did find out, and we are saying they are the same. But we're not revealing if they are boys or girls yet. I have to hold onto something for a while!

Isaac has not really responded. He still refers to the baby in singular terms, not plural. When I ask him to confirm he says two babies. Chloe's response when I told her there were two babies was, "Oh yay! Now I can hold one and Isaac can hold one and we don't have to share...because sharing is kinda hard sometimes...." Oh my!

I met with my doctor today to have a quick meeting about all of the information that was given on Friday. He agreed my size never measured large so he did not have any reason to offer a first trimester sonogram, although he agrees it would have been nice to know for both medical & personal reasons. So I feel good that when people ask, "Didn't you have any idea?" I can honestly say "No, and neither did my doctor!" I do feel good physically and I'm sure my belly will catch up soon enough with the babies growing more and more the rest of the pregnancy. I will have another sonogram in 4 weeks to make sure everything is still on track and we will go from there.

Here are some pictures we did catch on Friday. They were too big for one picture together so you can see three feet (all four if you look closely) in the first picture and two heads in the second.

And for the millionth time --- "TWINS!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sledding at the farm!

We had been wanting to get to the Purinton farm to go sledding and have a fun weekend and we finally had a chance to do that this weekend. It snowed about 10" last Tuesday but with the beautiful weather we had on Friday & Saturday a lot of it had melted. The weather couldn't have been nicer...sledding in 50 and 60 degree weather is really not a bad thing!

We started with building snowmen while we waited for Grandma & Grandpa (Wayne & Sandy) to arrive. They showed up just in time with snowman accessories--hats & carrots. We used checkers for the eyes & mouth:)

Isaac did great building his. He rolled the snow and stacked the layers. And when his snowman fell over he simply stated that it was taking a nap!

Chloe did great building her snowman as well. She honestly rolled the middle ball herself. It was fun having the correct snow for snowman building. She also accessorized the snowman, adding the "scarf" to the chest.
Last September we bought my dad's 4-wheeler and have had it at the farm. Royce pulled the kids on the sled and they had a blast. I think daddy had more fun than the kids, just listening to them laugh.

And in-between sledding runs Isaac did some fishing...Ice fishing I guess???? It was cute.

Here are some videos of the kids sledding! They actually learned to tip themselves over as Royce kept pulling them...they loved falling over and running to get back on!

Birthday Boy!

Isaac is 3!
He started his celebrations by having Lightening McQueen ice-cream cake, as he specifically requested, on Friday at daycare. His friends were happy help him celebrate!

Chloe even got to skip an afternoon of her preschool to come help Isaac celebrate as well.

Here he is giving Lexi a good-morning hug!

When he woke up on his birthday we had streamers in a doorway and he knew they were for his birthday. And although he knew today was his birthday, when we asked how old he was he replied that he doesn't turn three until he opens presents. Was this an innocent mis-understanding or a very clever plot to open presents?!? Hmmmm....
We finished his birthday on Sunday with lunch at Gram's house in WaKeeney.
(Sledding at the farm was Saturday/Sunday, but that will be a separate blog)

Happy Birthday, Isaac! You are such a big boy and we couldn't be more proud of you.
You snuggle, you love, and you are all boy just the same.

Singing Happy Birthday at daycare!

Friday, February 11, 2011

More snow!

Isaac, Jacob, and Chloe

Isaac likes being a doggie in the snow, licking it!

Silly Boy!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

February 2nd was Royce's birthday. We had FREEZING weather that day so we stayed in for the evening and had Robynn & Dustin over for supper, cake, and ice-cream. It was a fun night with family!

This is Chloe spreading the frosting all by herself--she did a great job!
And the best part is licking the bowl!
MMMM-that's my girl!

Singing Happy Birthday with 31 written in candles.

These kiddos love their daddy & they love birthday parties--a great combination!