Wednesday, September 27, 2017

EEEK! Isaac turned 9 in February!

I'm out of order on my posts -- but our handsome pants Isaac turned 9 in February!  How on earth can this be?  He's growing up WAY too fast.  But gosh I love him. 

Isaac wanted to have another swimming party with the boys in his class.  This is an active group and burning off energy in the middle of winter is always welcomed by the parents! 

No theme -- no gifts -- just boys having fun!

You love to read, you are in guitar lessons, play basketball, baseball, and flag football.  You are one of the most happy-go-lucky guys I know!  You are a gentleman and you are funny.  You MAY be a tad lazy when it comes to cleaning your room and picking up your Legos.  BUT.  We'll keep you anyway.  You are an absolute blast to watch at life. 
I sure hope all of your wishes come true, buddy.
You deserve every last one!

April 2017

Chloe had a sleepover at Eleanor's house and they stayed up til the early morning hours.
She fell asleep on the couch VERY easily that afternoon but made sure nobody would take her balloon.  Silly girl.

Amelia and I crashed.  Well...Amelia crashed into the cement paver I was swinging around out of the back of the truck.  I was handing the kids one paver at a time and while I had my back turned Amelia decided she wanted to jump into the back of the truck with me.  My momentum was already swinging the paver around and smacked her right in the head as she was jumping.  She was so calm and never even cried!  I gasped, Royce saw the gaping slit in her forehead, and he just squeezed her head shut while I jumped down.  She just kept asking, "What?  Is my head broken?  Guys, did I break my head?"  Sweet girl!  No, your head was far from broken and now it looks a little more like your momma's forehead.  I had a forehead injury or two in my childhood days.  Now we both have the scars to prove them.  The clinic glued her shut and the scar is healing nicely. 

While she was at the clinic Caroline and Isaac drew a picture for her!
Oh my goodness -- proud momma and Amelia felt SO special and loved.   

We even planted her in the garden later that afternoon!

But how good does this garden look now?  We rebuilt the retaining border and used old screen doors for the fence panels.  Such a fun creation. 

Chloe's 4th grade class took a field trip to the Cosmosphere and I was able to go along. 
They built rockets and launched them at the State Fair Grounds.
It was a fantastic day! 


Spring Break in Denver!

Denver was full of exciting exhibits and shows for our family!  We managed to get the most out of our few days at Granddad's house before we headed skiing.  First on the schedule was a traveling exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art that showcased the actual outfits from the Star Wars movies!  Isaac and Royce had a great time looking at the costumes, artwork, sketches, and statues.  Isaac fulfilled my one request of getting his picture with Princess Leia's swimsuit, haha! 

Gotta love family road trip pictures!

We also hit up the Museum of Science and Nature.  So many fun exhibits!

And the added bonus that just worked out at the last minute was Chloe and I seeing Shaping Sound!
I LOVE THIS TOUR!  I've seen both tours now and I'm so happy that Chloe was able to join me for this one in Denver.  We lucked out being there the same two days that the show was in town. 

Up the mountain we go!  We had absolutely beautiful weather for skiing.  The kids took their coats off and enjoyed the sun!  I didn't take as many pictures while we were skiing because we truly just enjoyed the kids independence and had a really great day. 
Our skiing family loves Granby!  This little mountain is so good to us.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Family fun

This post is just full of random laughs we had as a family!  We rolled right through spring time with kids who got along, minimal fighting, happy to go to school, and just good times. 

I love making Isaac laugh.  He had drawn on this balloon so I staged his bed while he was at school.

Chloe got some good riding days to get her boy ready for show season! 

Then one night this weirdo rang our doorbell and wouldn't do anything but giggle.   

The movie A Dog's Purpose was out in theaters and Chloe, Robynn, and I went to watch it.  We had a pact that we could all cry as much as we needed.  Chloe was the only brainiac who brought her own real Kleenex....Robynn and I struggled through with movie theater napkins. 

We happened to watch the movie on the anniversary date of us adopting Lucy. 
There are not enough words to describe my love for this dog.  She just gets me!
I love her sense of humor and couldn't be happier that she's been in our home. 
**Royce makes no such similar claims**
***If momma's happy, he's happy too*** 

Look at this guy!
The first medal he's ever won!
2nd place in the Ellis county shooting sports competition.   

Go Amelia!!!  Beat daddy!

And in March we celebrated Papa's 60th Birthday.  He didn't want a fuss, and nobody wants a fussy papa, so we obeyed and only had them over for a spontaneous dinner after golf. 

The grandma's were full of smiles after Amelia & Caroline's spring music program!
We are so happy they make it to so many events.   

And this right here.  I'm just getting this out on the interwebs for proof someday.
All three girls did their own versions.  Amelia & Caroline already taped theirs up but this is Chloe's.