Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall 2014 - In a really big nutshell

Misc. picture overload!
Amelia will thank me someday.
Okay, probably not. 

KSU vs. Auburn game

School picture day -- whistle whistle!

Pet Blessing at Holy Family - all critters in tow.

Cheeese!  Caroline and Mason

Mason wore Isaac's baptismal outfit.
Could these two be any cuter?!?

Pumpkin decorating and carving

A cold K-State game for the whole family

Isaac has been extremely artistic lately.  I love seeing what comes home in his folder each day.  He colors on the back of his worksheets, on any paper with a blank space.  It's fun seeing how he describes his drawings. 
I don't think Chloe's latest drawing needs any explanation.

Cavalia's Odysseo - Denver, CO

This fall I saw that this show was coming to Denver.  Denver was the only stop in the United States and it was going to be there for 10 days.  I knew Chloe would DIE in happiness by seeing this show, but I also wanted Isaac to see the show to appreciate the fine arts and professional quality shows like this. 
Tickets were ordered for the three of us and my dad, Granddad.
The day we were to leave for Denver, Isaac came home sick from school :-(
Poor boy started throwing up and we knew his portion of the trip was cancelled. 
The tickets were age-specific, youth and adult tickets. 
So Chloe invited Tessa and we were able to leave early Saturday, the day of the show. 
This is us surviving the 5 hour trip to Granddads! 

Dressed and ready for the show!

They put up their own tent and arena.  It is an absolutely amazing structure that seats about 2,000.

We had VIP tickets which allowed us to eat in the VIP lounge, meet the artists, endless desserts and drinks, and tour the horse stables after the show. 

I can not begin to say what an amazing day this was.  Chloe did not sit back in her seat for the entire first half of the show.  She was on the edge -- I paid attention -- for real.  It was magical, it was calm, it was beautiful artistry, and it had amazing horses.  She and Tessa were on cloud 9.  I am absolutely honored that dad and I were able to take them to witness such an amazing show. 
We ate at Hard Rock CafĂ© at the 16th Street Mall after the show and we even got a Pedi cab ride while we were there.  During a quick trip to Target I pushed the cart while Chloe and Tessa did trick-riding on the shopping cart through the store.  It was quite hilarious.
Back at dad's the girls loved playing with their souvenir horses from the show and set up quite the obstacles in the basement for the horses to ride through.  Isn't it amazing what a show can do to spark imaginative play?  Ah, I love it. 
We were in Denver for less than 24-hours but our hearts were so happy!


Wait...How is Stella 3 already?!?

I got to sneak over to Stella's house early on her birthday.
She was already wearin' a party hat with her jam-jams! 
What birthday girl shouldn't get to eat sprinkles with her breakfast?!?


Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 

Opening Weekend 2014

We were fortunate to have Cam, Megan (with baby-bump Max in tow), and Charlotte drive to Hays Thursday evening before opening weekend.  We love seeing them and are soooo incredibly thankful when our Kansas City friends come see us.  Charlotte has grown so much since I'd seen her last and she just jumped right in with her "friends" and was ready to go!
Friday morning we drove to the farm.  Typically only Royce and Cam go to the farm on Friday but we decided it was a good opportunity for Megan & Charlotte to explore and see what all Trego County has to offer.  It was a beautiful morning and afternoon. 

Saturday Isaac and all the girls headed south to Ness City for lunch and the afternoon.  We had a very nice time with everyone and stopped at Grandma's farm in Ransom on the way home.  They had a new delivery of hay bales so that is where the kids spent most of their time.  I have so many memories playing on bales and I love that my kids find the simple entertainment of doing the same. 
No batteries, passwords, or screens involved!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween


Boba Fett, Maleficent, and Two Busy Bees! 

Chloe was a pretty great Maleficent!  A lot of people couldn't recognize her...which is just what she loved to hear.  Maleficent was the perfect level of dark and mysterious for Chloe without being a bad character.  She LOVED it.

Maseman was a scuba diver!  Seriously cute!
Isaac was easy this year.  He was Jango Fett from Star Wars last year and was Boba Fett this year. 

Gram Elaine made Stella's outfit.  A League of Their Own is the favorite movie for the women of our family and Stella made the perfect Dottie. 
She even knew the phrase "There's no crying in baseball!"

Amelia and Caroline were little bees.  This was my dance costume when I was little and I knew my childhood BFF still had her costume as well.  Tammi let us borrow the second costume so it was fun having the girls wear these.  I had worn it, Chloe had worn it, and now Amelia & Caroline too. 
School Parties!
 Isaac's 1A Mrs. Rohr's class

Chloe's 2A Mrs. Beck's girls

2A Mrs. Beck's boys

Isaac's class spider web!