Monday, October 17, 2016

Isaac's First Holy Communion

Isaac received his First Holy Communion on April 10, 2016
at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Hays, KS.

You can tell before church that he was realllly nervous. 

Can you hear me whistling??!!?? 
Reeeeet Roooooo!! This guy is handsome!!

Isaac was fortunate enough to have both of his Godparents at the ceremony.  My friend from college Jessica and Royce's pledge dad Michael.  Michael strutted his stuff with some mighty fine thumb wrestling skills.   

We had a reception at the Club with Lindsey Hernandez and her family.  It was a wonderful, large gathering with delicious brunch. 

You are extremely blessed, Isaac.  You are surrounded by people who want nothing but the best for you and you are proving yourself as a wonderful young man each and every day.  You are faithful, offer prayer when you are worried, and are simply awesome.

God bless you, sweet boy!

Diving into April

Royce and I had planned ahead for this one....
We got up early and set the clocks ahead about 40 minutes.  I know Chloe pretty well so I was thorough with the clocks!  Royce and I both made sure to hide the clocks on our cable boxes and keep our cell phones in our pockets.  We frantically woke the kids up at what looked like 7:45am.  We typically leave for school at 7:35am so this was late.  We told them we overslept, just had Chloe and Isaac throw uniforms on and brush their teeth, and we rushed out the door saying they could have some crackers in the car. 
We really were out the door by 7:10am and surprised the kids with a trip to the donut shop before school.  They were shocked!  Chloe (despite this picture) was pretty entertained and Isaac was just happy for an excuse to get donuts.  Amelia and Caroline had afternoon preschool so they were cooperative and got to come back home. 

Chloe played volleyball in the spring and really grew to like it. 

Jessica and her kids Kaylin and Chase came to Hays to spend a weekend with us for Isaac's First Communion.  The Saturday before church we took them out the lodge and to the bluffs to explore.  Exploring the bluffs is ALWAYS a favorite by the kids.  It makes us happy to introduce our KC friends to this part of our lives. 

Finishing March 2016

Amelia and Caroline had an Easter program at school.  This is always my favorite because they recite their resurrection eggs.  It's a very powerful presentation from these little ones. 

Lucy proved that she can jump into the tree house!  No food is safe! 

And we rang in the horse show season with a horse show at Lyons.  It was the day before Easter and was a great way to kick off the season.   

The next day was Easter Sunday and we did something we've never done before.  Well, two things we've never done before. 
1.  We didn't take a family picture. 
2.  We went out to eat!  Yikes!  But everyone was gone the day before so we knew nobody was going to be around to cook.  And the club brunch sounded soooooo good.  So we threw in the towel and had our crew, both sets of our parents, and Robynn's family all together at the club.  It was very enjoyable and then we all went to Robynn's house after brunch/lunch for dessert. 

Six pack goes skiing!

Spring Break 2016
Royce broke free from work for a few days and we were able to go skiing with all four kids!  A friend had recommended Granby to us and oh my it was the best recommendation ever.  So family friendly and the best place on earth for these kids to build their confidence. 

Speaking of confidence.....this guy, Mr. Isaac, grew leaps and bounds on the ski slopes this year.  He didn't have any intentions of letting go of Granddad's hand while skiing but by the end of the first half-day he was taking the little lift on his own.  In true Isaac fashion, he did his best when nobody was watching (or so he thought...we could see his progress from a mile away).  But it was on his terms, just like he's learned to ride his bike, tie his shoes, etc. 

And the girls?  Our three girls are going to ROCK at skiing.   

One of my favorite pictures.  This sums up Royce and Amelia pretty well. 
She is a daddy's girl through to her core.   

No joke.  When the girls were tired they would lay down like this to rest.  Hey, skis are heavy! 

We were happy Granddad could join us for one night of our trip!  The extra set of eyes and hands were appreciated plus I know he loved seeing the kids progress as well.   

Amelia's turn to rest.  It was just the funniest thing!

And here's crash!
Not really.  Chloe is actually a pretty darn good skier and I love that she takes risks on the slopes with trying new turns and maneuvers.  She's going to be a force to be reckoned with one day! 

Amelia and Caroline did amazing for their first times.  Amelia was a little more hesitant than Caroline, but that's okay.  Once she got her groove she was able to let go as well.   

It would be physically impossible for Royce and I to be any more proud of these kids.

At the end of day two it was snowing and we decided to hit the pool at the lodge.  The kids had a blast swimming in the pool and catching snowflakes. 

Inn at Silver Creek....until we meet again!