Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013

New month, new year, new pictures. 
Here are some random happenings throughout January.
We watched lovely Miss Stella for a couple days over Christmas/New Years. 
This picture shows the three little goofballs in matching striped outfits. 
You can tell I had full cooperation by all sitting subjects. 
New Year's Snow!
We got a lot of snow on New Years Eve.  Enough snow to cancel most plans we had arranged so we had more of a kid-friendly New Years Eve with the neighbors. 
New Years Day made for perfect snow playing & snow ball fights at the Wentling residence. 
Snow angels 

When packing for Colorado, Chloe decided to put the twins in Isaac's suitcase. 
They listen to anything she suggests!

Basket full of kids!

Aaaannnnd the girls learned how to move step-stools to reach whatever they desire. 
Now all the step-stools are in locked cabinets or on dressers. 

Isaac got a kick out of this picture because his white & brown puppy named "Cutie"
has his butt in Isaac's face.  He's such a silly boy. 

And Chloe went to sleep one night with her blanket making some sort of turban on her head. 
She claims she didn't do it on purpose. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Closing 2012

Wow, this year went by so quickly.  I know that the years aren't going to slow down either.  The kids grow so quickly and holidays come faster and faster.  But our family keeps trucking along and we are surprised at the end of the year at what all happened throughout the year. 

Along with our Christmas pictures we sent along a recap of our lives this past year. 

Purinton Top Ten for 2012
10.  Took our first ski trip for Chloe & Isaac in March. 
More in the future!
9.  Amelia to the ER in May to glue her forehead. 
Scar can hardly be seen.
8.  Caroline to ER in June to stitch the back of her head.
Twin thing?!?!?
7.  Chloe loves kindergarten and dance classes.
She is so grown up.
6.  Isaac is in preschool. 
Loves the farm and K-State
5.  Amelia & Caroline never sit still.
E V E R .   They are so much help!
4.  Great year to be Wildcats!
Miami - Here we come!
3.  Cancelled trip to Miami.
Bummer, Cats!  Good luck in Phoenix!
2.  Counting our blessings each and every day.
We love our busy lives.
1.  Keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas and hoping
children everywhere know HE is the reason for
the Christmas Season. 
We are extremely blessed.  We are healthy, busy, and happy.  There are usually more than a few frustrating moments throughout the day but typically no more than a deep breath can fix.  God has been good to us and we do our best to earn and honor those blessings.
Happy New Year!  What is in store for next year?  Older kids mean older parents I suppose.