Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer sillies.

It is so hot this summer.  The only water the lawn gets is if we are running through the sprinkler.  It's just not worth the battle.  We water the flower beds and garden and that's about it. 

The garden is doing quite well.  We have a different breed of cucumbers and we are actually getting some that aren't bitter.  Our tomatoes are out of control, as usual.  Yes, those are the tomato plants standing just as tall as the corn stalks.  We have 6 tomato plants.  Cantaloupe is looking good as well.  We are going to have 20 or so ready within 2 weeks.  The green beans have been just as good as past years, too.  Oh how we love fresh green beans!  We have at least a dozen bags of frozen green beans already blanched and ready for winter eating. 

No watermelon in the garden this year so we just buy some when we want it.  The kids love it and so do we.  It's extra fun when you can eat it wherever you want outside.

 Silly kids!!!

We also had a new service move into our hallway.

Chloe's Hair Shop
Boys and Girls Allowed 

I paid $0.65 to get my hair combed out after my shower.
Royce's combing was free.  Hmmm.

Chloe had toys and games just like Gram's hair shop.  She also set up the portable DVD player so she could watch Flicka while she waited on customers.   

Chloe loves setting up little stores and I love her patience while she waits for customers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July Festivities!

This was a 4th of July like no other in Hays.  Fireworks were not allowed in Hays, or most of Western Kansas, due to high temperatures and NO moisture anywhere.  So it was QUIET.  We watched fireworks on TV. 

Our first gathering was our neighbors' Wentling Annual 3rd of July party.  With no fireworks on the menu we had to improvise and provide other entertainment for the kids.  Some people brought a bounce house, others brought the slip-n-slide, and we made our entrance by launching water balloons across Hall Street from our driveway to their back yard.  It was fantastic. 

Everywhere we have lived we have been fortunate to have neighbors be such good friends to us.  The kids play so nicely and we can break into each others houses to use air compressors for a flat bike tire or borrow a tomoato on a moment's notice.  Just as neighbors should be able to do!

Here are some pictures from the 3rd of July!

 Amelia in blue, Caroline in red.

Tessa on the slip-n-slide!

 Chloe, Tessa, and Jacob showing off their tattoos!

Lady Liberties!
Chloe, Bianca (TMP student from Kenya), Tessa, Lindsey, and Emilie

Tracing bodies with sidewalk chalk.

Last was glow bracelets.  We had the accessories kit for them so Isaac wore the glow glasses all evening.  It was hilarious.  When everyone else asked to borrow his glasses he said,
"No, because I can't see without them!"

I take his picture, he takes mine.

 July 7th was the Wild West Fest parade with an American theme.
The kids were very respectful of the flag.

The Heartland Catbackers were marching through and
Willie the Wildcat was with them! 
Here are the kids jumping up and down chanting
"Willie, Willie, Willie!"

"He sees us!!!!  Here he comes!"

High-fives from Willie!

The K-State race car. 
Yep, look closely.  Isaac's in there!

And Chloe, too!

We made the best of our firework-less 4th of July!

Dog Days of Summer!

Caroline riding Lexi! 
We love that our dogs are so good with our kids.

 Whoops!  Lexi stood up!

At the lake! 

Hose to the belly button!

A new (used!) golf cart!
We are able to park it under the neighbor's car port.

New paint to the living room!
I started at 10pm one night and finished at 1am. 
Royce woke up to a totally new room!

I think we're going to start requiring that the girls wear bicycle helmets 24/7 now.
Too many dings to the noggin' going on lately!

Tessa, Chloe, and I took the golf cart swimming! 

Two little fish!

Being a kid during summer is so exhausting!
We were eating at the Club and Isaac fell asleep in his chair

After an afternoon of swimming in 110 degree weather!

Chloe played dress-up with Caroline.  Caroline ended up with
underwear on her head and she was SOO happy it was hilarious.  

Amelia also in Chloe's dress.

No matter where you might be, some days you just have to sit down and
snuggle with the girls.  Tough job!