Friday, March 30, 2012

No training wheels!

Chloe was ready to try riding her bike without training wheels.  So while on spring break we decided to give it a shot.  Um, can I say, this was the most uneventful thing EVER.  She rocked it!  I stayed inside the first two times up/down the driveway.  Then I came outside and this is what I found!

She did AMAZING!

She even turned around!

Royce and I just stood and watched!

Her bike didn't have a kick-stand so she had to lay it down the first few days until we bought a kick-stand for her.  She's so proud of her riding.

 These three pictures are Chloe doing her

Isaac loves riding his new bike as well.  He was interested in no training wheels,
but just not quite ready.  His new bike is pretty cool though!

These pictures are honestly from the fourth or fifth trip she made up the driveway.

 See you later, Chloe!
Away you go!

Spring Break!

We had the most amazing weather while Chloe and Isaac were home on spring break.  No school but LOTS of outside time.  We enjoyed a lot of walks and bicycle riding. 

Caroline is trying to get used to wearing a hat!

Amelia is wearing big sister's hat as well!

In honor of March Madness I thought Caroline might be saying,
"My daddy's bracket is better than your daddy's bracket".  

Bah!  Joking!!

Such big girls!
Caroline and Amelia

Chloe and Isaac also got to have a camp-out in the basement over spring break.  Royce (and the kids, right?) built a fort and watched a movie with snacks in the basement.  Then they got out the air mattress and slept there all night long. 

I had three happy campers!

March 2012 - A Day In Our House

A few of my blogging friends have done “A day in the life” type blogs documenting everything they did that particular day.  I thought I’d give it a shot.  Let’s face it, these days are C R A Z Y.  We are B U S Y.  All the time.  But I love it.  Although I might not always show it, I do love it.  This is our life that God hand-picked for us.  We laugh, we cry, we might even yell.  But at the end of the day we go to bed in a happy home. 
I read a quote in the paper a few weeks ago about a mother who had a handful of kids under the age of 5 or 6 as well.  She said, “The days are long but the years are short.”  I can completely relate to that.  You know those days when you have so much to do and it’s all on a time schedule?  I think of days that we’re out of town for a wedding…waking up, getting everybody dressed for morning activities, lunch by a certain time so we can get dressed for the wedding, get kids fed a snack, get to the reception, keep an eye on your kids while at the reception, figure out who is getting kids to bed, then FINALLY get kids in bed.  You know those kinds of days?  Keeping everyone clean and everyone on a schedule?  Well, that is everyday for us.  Although, I don't worry so much about the clean part-haha!  We have four little kids and we are constantly focused on them.  Okay, well, I might not have been focused on them when Caroline fell down the steps, but you know what I mean.  Every night when the kids all get in bed we can finally let our guard down.  We are tired and relieved that we made it through the day.

So--here goes nothin' !

5:55am  girls wake up.  Royce heads to couch with Amelia; I give Caroline a bottle and she goes back to bed at 6:10.
7:45 Royce wakes me up.  Isaac and Amelia are in the living room, he and Amelia snoozed until about 7:20 and Caroline is just waking up.  We take turns on who stays up during the morning hours before work.  Royce goes downstairs at 8:00 but remains accessible if I need back-up for someone. 
8:05  I wake Chloe up.  She starts getting dressed
8:10  Chloe can't decide on clothes
8:15 Chloe can't decide on clothes
8:20 Chloe can't decide on clothes
8:25 I’m giving PRAISE for school uniforms next year.
8:30 Chloe is dressed, hair done.
8:40 Chloe gets to Happy Days.
8:50 Breakfast for the twins.  Isaac ate a granola bar--his choice 99% of mornings for breakfast.
9:10 Twins are done with breakfast; I stall them at the table so I can eat a bowl of cereal and check morning email.
9:20  Bath time for the twins.  Isaac watches a cartoon.

Now it's Amelia's turn to help with Caroline's bath.

9:45 Twins are dressed; they will play for a little bit before morning nap.
10:00 I lay the girls down for morning nap.  Isaac goes outside to play.  I sit and write the morning part of this blog.
10:10 Check on twins, this is what I find.  

No surprise.  Amelia dropped her pacifier and frog out of the crib so I laid her back down, put both items in place.  Caroline still had snugglies so I just laid her back down and put all items in place. 

10:15 Babies are asleep

I cover the babies up and I’m headed for the shower.  Royce listens to the monitor and Isaac.  I get a load of laundry started and Isaac his morning snack.

11:13 Someone is awake!  Since the girls had good naps I’ll let them wake up in their cribs and talk/play for a while.  If it were a short nap I’d go snag the one that is awake so they don’t wake the other.  But it sounds like they are babbling now so I’ll let them wake up a bit. 

12:30 LUNCH!  Isaac has watered plants outside and then needed rescued from the top of the jungle-gym dome.  He came inside and we did puzzles while the babies ate. 

1:00 On the floor to play again.  Eventually head to the basement to finish up laundry.

2:00 read books before nap time.  *note, the twins don’t let us get too far out of sight.  They are ALWAYS by my side.  Isaac is a good sport and shares a lot of this time and toys with the twins. 

2:20 Amelia goes down for a nap.
2:30 Caroline goes down for a nap.  I start cleaning up Easter accessories.  We got new baskets over the weekend but I’m NOT cleaning all this stuff up everyday until Easter.  It can come out again at Easter and be out for a while when the baskets are full of goodies!  To the storage room it goes!
3:45 Caroline wakes up.  Snuggles---ahhhh!  I usually don’t get those! 

4:15 Amelia wakes up but I got a request from a friend to take a survey for her schooling so I’d better do that first!  I have my degree in Marketing and understand how important it is for people to participate in surveys.  Amelia plays in her crib.
4:20 snack for all the kids. 
4:30  pork chops in the oven
4:50 head to the garage to clean it out.  Sweep & clean up training wheels (another blog!)
With the twins crawling it is pretty hard to go outside as a family.  So the pack 'n play has been an outside addition lately.  They get upset after about 30 minutes or so, but we'll take what we can get. 

5:10 pick Chloe up from Happy Days.  Come home and play in the driveway some more.  Chloe and Isaac LOVE riding their bikes and we are so thankful for the nice weather into the evenings. 

5:35 I come inside to eat.  Twins come in as well and hang in their table while I’m in the kitchen. 

6:00 I head out to paint!  Royce is in charge!  *I typically wouldn’t paint on a week night but SOMEBODY in my house is going hog hunting in Oklahoma this weekend therefore leaving me to finish up my project tonight & tomorrow instead of Saturday.  Oh, the things I do for my husband ;)  I’m laughing because he does so much for me this is the least I can do…but I’ll milk it for what I can! Haha! *

6:10 Chloe goes over to Tessa’s to play for a couple hours.  Royce feeds the kids.  The twins are typically a little better for him than they are for me.  They actually let him get out of sight at times and play on their own.  I get this on occasion, but not very often. 

8:00 Chloe comes home.  She is a huge help with the twins, but while she was at Tessa's Isaac was "Daddy Isaac" and gave a bottle to one of the girls.  He really comes through when we need him to as well.  Having an extra set of hands to give a bottle really is a huge help. 

8:15 Caroline goes to bed

8:30 Chloe and Isaac go to bed

8:45 Amelia goes to bed

11:30 I call Royce as I’m leaving my project—what a long day!

11:54 I type this right now!  Royce is snoring on the couch.  Waiting up for me I see. 

And that, my friends, was March 27, 2012.  A lot of people ask me where I find time to blog.  I don't find time, I make time to blog.  This is our life and these are our memories.  Memories I hope we have for a long, long time.  The printed books of our blog are wonderful keepsakes for our kids so I hope to add as much detail as I can.  They are worth every bit of it. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Disney on Ice

Chloe and I went to Kansas City this past Thursday-Saturday for Baby McGown's baby shower.  While there we were able to stay with Jessica.  She took Friday off so we goofed off all day--just us girls!  Kaylin is 3 now and has so much personality.  I just love her.  Courtney and Emma were going to Disney on Ice and it worked out for the four of us to join them!  The kids had so much fun! 

Times like this I definitely miss my Kansas City "family".  My friends are so dear to me and I'm thankful we remain just as close even though there are miles between us.  I'm mostly glad that we keep our kids close.  I want my kids to always know Jessica and Courtney's kids and consider them friends as well.  I felt spoiled over the three days we were there--I got to see my closest friends, shop, and watch our girls interact as if no time was lost between them as well. 

I didn't get pictures with Emma at the show and hopefully I'll get ahold of some pictures of Chloe at Baby McGown's baby shower.  She helped Megan so much and was such a little lady.  We can't wait to meet the newest little girl that will join the McGown household soon!

I am a very proud and blessed momma. 

Chloe and Kaylin

New Chompers!

Amelia and Caroline both cut their first teeth within 2 days of their 9-month birthdays.  They were too small to photograph so I took these today, at almost 10 months, of some happy chompers!

Amelia cut her bottom left first (right looking at the picture), then the right, and a top left within a few days of the second coming in.  She just wants to be able to eat corn on the cob this summer!

Caroline cut the opposite bottom tooth first, her right but left looking at the picture.  Her second bottom tooth is barely there, only popping through last week.  No top teeth for her yet. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More from skiing

Chloe was geared up and ready to go!

 Isaac's skis were so small and cute! 

When he was done skiing he enjoyed climbing the snow drifts waiting for Papa.  At least he couldn't bump his head on a fall!

Dustin...where's your other ski? 
Oh, there it is. 
That's right, it came off when you fell. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching up on February

These girls are E V E R Y W H E R E.
They both started crawling between 7-8 months.  And pulling up on everything shortly after.
It doesn't matter who is in the way, they will crawl wherever they want to get!

Chloe and Isaac really do love the babies.  One time Isaac did ask me,
"Mom, do we have too many kids?"

I laughed, and said, "No.  We have the perfect amount of kids."

Amelia's bright blues!  For now anyway...I think they might be turning brown.
 Caroline feeling left out.

Who can crawl to the camera fastest?!?

"Hi Momma!"

Speaking of crawling: we moved the dog water to the back door so that the girls didn't get into it in the main walkway.  But that didn't last long.  They make their way to the back door quite easily to play in the water.  The dish is now outside 100% of the time. 

 And Chloe gets some snuggles, too. 
I can't say enough what a good helper that Chloe is. 

Whoa there Caroline! 
That is some crazy bed-head!!!
(And an orange nose, too!  You'd think they don't get green food.  They do--really!)
 Who, me???

February also brought their first ear infections.  When Isaac turned four I took Caroline in with us to his well-check because she was getting gunky eyes.  I expected pink-eye but did not expect the double ear infections also in the diagnosis.  So I took Amelia in the next day and she also had a double ear infection.  So we started the first round of antibiotics and two weeks later my suspicions were correct--still two babies with double ear infections.  We then started different antibiotics and administered them for ten days.  These were the longest ten days as this antibiotic did a number on their systems and just burned their little butts to no end.  Poor Grandma Sandy had the girls for four days during this time and changed LOTS of diapers and applied LOTS of cream.  We'll go back in on Tuesday and make sure this round of antibiotics did the trick.  I sure hope so. 

The last 'first' that I'm going to talk about is Miss Caroline. 
See Miss Caroline kneeling in the light pink at the top of the steps?

Now see how many steps there are?
Yes, Miss Caroline fell down all of these steps for the first time. 

The girls were playing so well.  I was at my computer (roughly 10 feet from the OPEN gate on the stairs) and I had thought to myself how well the girls were playing...leaving me alone...leaving each other alone.  They were just doing great.  I never took the time to look over at the gate because they were being so good. 

Then I heard the thumping.

I screamed/gasped/yelled/did something.

I took off running.

Royce stepped out of his office and met Caroline at the bottom of the steps. 

She was screaming but immediately got herself up on all fours and tried sitting up.  Since she was moving so well I went ahead and picked her up and held her.  We got her calmed with a pacifier and could look her over.  She was fine, just REALLY mad.  I don't think she enjoyed the ride whatsoever. 

So here are the girls again. 
With the gate CLOSED.

When will it be Amelia's turn?
Knowing these girls, it'll happen someday.