Thursday, August 30, 2012

Purinton Gathering August 17 & 18

The weekend we buried Grandma Purinton we were fortunate enough to have everybody stay around and have some good family time.  It's tough to lose someone as special as Grandma (will add more about her in another post) but the joy of the weekend lifted everybodies spirits.  We saw cousins we had not seen in almost six years. 
Look at Katie's sweet face!

Shown below are Shawnee (New Mexico), Clete, and Chuck (both California)
Wayne's brother and children

Grandma Sandy being "super grandma" with all the babies!
Miss Libby!
Katie again!

Madelyn (Shawnee's daughter) giving Katie a ride.

The women enjoying their meal.
Little girls playing beauty shop on the back limestone posts.

Grandpa Purinton and grandson Clete
Manly Men!
 Leonard surrounded by his sisters
Luella Kephart and Hazel Rocco
 Below are Chloe and Madelyn, with a very pink sunset in the background.
The sunset didn't photograph as pretty as it was in person.
But these two girls were inseparable!  They clicked from the start and enjoyed cousin time so much.
We need to get together more often, for sure!

So sweet!
Madelyn (7), Chloe and Gabi (almost 6).

Ed, Ron, Chuck, Wayne
Leonard, and honorary 'Purinton' Dan Deines

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dustin's Birthday Party

I'm a couple weeks late on this post, but better late than never!
We celebrated Dustin's 30th birthday in early August as well. 
Robynn threw one heck of a party at Gella's!


Check out these three photos...Stella & Papa are exchanging quite the stink eye glares!
Proud Aunties with each other's babies. 
Lots of pretty girls!

These next two pictures are when Dustin realizes that Royce & Greg have T-Shirts
that were fitting for the occasion.  So funny!

Robynn brought this board for people to write on and have a picture with Dustin
to kind of act as a guest book.  It was SO much fun throughout the night.
I have several photos like this posted--but there are about 27 that are too inappropriate to post on a family blog :)


 Happy Birthday, Dustin!
It was a great evening!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Family Elementary - August 16, 2012

Look at this grown-up girl!
It's her first day of school!

The day that Royce and I celebrated our nine-year wedding anniversary
we sent our first 'baby' to school. 

I don't think it is a surprise to anyone who knows this young lady that she had a wonderful first day.

Bouncing Kiddos!

Unfortunately, we were not able to take a family vacation this summer.  Don't get me wrong, we do PLENTY as a family and with our kids.  But we had several things come up through the summer and by the time Royce was able to get several days off of work in August we knew that Grandma Purinton was in her last days so we cancelled the vacation we had planned.  Determined to not let our spirits of "end of summer" be crushed we did manage to escape to Salina for the day to do some shopping and goof off before school started. 

The Salina mall has two trampolines inside so we let the kids bounce as high as they could--immediately after lunch, of course. 
Thankfully all they food they ate stayed in!

I was really proud of Isaac for doing this.  It did not surprise me one bit when Chloe said she wanted to try it...she loves attention and taking risks.  But Isaac is much more cautious and does not seek that thrill as often.  So when he said he'd give it a try we were excited!

Eh, it may have just been the Salina Mall that brought vacation-ish fun to the day, but we'll take it.