Saturday, March 20, 2010

Papa's Birthday

Papa and Gram (aka Ron and Elaine) came to Hays last week to celebrate Papa's birthday. I think he's just 39, right? Anyway, if you have kids you know you can't have a birthday party without party hats so we were well-stocked and prepared for such occasion. Here are some funny pictures from the night.

Cute Couple

Uncle Dust is always up for making a happy Chloe.

K-S-U Wildcats!

March Madness is well underway and we had a great time in Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament. Royce attended ALL of the games and had fun with his friends from KS and AZ. The kids and I (and Royce too when he was not at games) spent the week/weekend at my friend Jessica's house. Cale, Jessica, and Kaylin were great hosts to us and we had so much fun. I was so happy to stay there and get caught up with Jessica--I miss our lunch dates so much!! It was great therapy to spend so much time with her and especially Little Miss Kaylin. I claim to be "Aunt Megan" to Kaylin but anyone who ever met her would claim her as well. She is so stinkin' cute and has the sweetest mannerisms. Here are some pictures I snapped of the kiddo's while they were sporting their KSU apparel. Jessica and I met our very first class at KSU and we lived in the same dorm before becoming roomates our Soph year. I hope our kids get to experience the same KSU fun that Cale, Jessica, Royce, and I have.

Sweet Kaylin. How can you not love this face????

March Madness for all ages.


Of course you all know how much I love to paint and appreciate artwork. Chloe is following close at hand. She loves to waterpaint and every so often I let her paint something with my 'grown-up' paint. She colored a really pretty butterfly at daycare a few weeks ago and I wanted to display it in her room. So I found an old frame that I wasn't using and I let Chloe paint it to match her room so we could display the butterfly.
Chloe has several paintings in her room. I let her paint on canvas or paper, whichever she prefers. The canvas is nice because if it's just a silly picture we just paint white over it and get to do it again. She is very good at coloring, too. She takes so much time to fill in each section, then she ends up using the same color for the entire picture so her hard work is under-appreciated in the end. But I know how much time she takes and her attention to detail and I love it. Here are some pictures of her using the grown-up paint on the picture frame, and then a picture of some of her art hanging in her room.

Funny Faces

With all credit going to Uncle Dust, Chloe and Isaac have become quite good at making funny faces. Chloe and Dustin can go back and forth forever making funny face (including full body pose) after funny face after funny face. They are too funny. So here are a couple of the good ones that we photographed last week. And notice in Chloe's picture, she was in PJ's but instead of the provided long sleeved shirt to match the pants she opted for a "little sleeve shirt". *sigh* Oh, and those are Jelly Beans in Isaac's mouth---he doesn't have THAT bad of teeth!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Sleeve Shirts

We had a nice weekend to enjoy, yay! The kids got to wear "little sleeve" shirts as Chloe says. She has plenty of long sleeved shirts, many of which were gifts from all of you reading this. But that girl loves little sleeve shirts and tank tops. She wore little sleeve shirts all winter and I would have to beg her to wear the long sleeved shirts or talk her into layering the long sleeves under the little sleeves on really cold days. And after this nice weekend I remember what I love most about my little kids and summer...their skin. I love seeing their little legs in shorts and their arms in little sleeved shirts. Their skin is so soft and cute. Isaac wrapped his arms around me in church with his little sleeves on and I just loved seeing his little wrinkle above his wrists and feeling his arms squeezing my neck. I can't wait for Chloe to get to wear her halter tops and Isaac to wear his muscle T's. So cute. Bring on the nice weather!

I will try to get a picture posted soon. The last few times we have walked to the park Chloe walks her teddy bear in her little stroller beside me pushing Isaac in the big stroller. It is just too cute for words. Today she had on a wind-suit, hair in two pig-tails, sunglasses on, and walking with a reason. She is a very good mommy to her pink bear and all snugglies.

Have a great week everyone! We will be headed to KC on Wednesday for the Big 12 tournament. The kids and I will get a lot of socializing in and Royce will get to watch a lot of basketball. Hopefully K-State gets back in gear and plays well! Go Cats!