Monday, January 24, 2011

Sternberg & Chloe's purse

The kids really wanted Uncle Dustin to take them to Sternberg Museum, or in their terms, "the dinosaur museum". As always, Uncle Dust came through for the kids and granted their request. Here's a fun picture of them from the adventure!
Thanks, Uncle Dust!

That night it was really cold so Royce started a fire. Isaac was quick to get his fire helmet on and come assist (bringing the smallest fire truck he has). Chloe can't miss a photo opportunity so she had to sneak in for the picture making her brother quite uncomfortable.

And here Chloe is showing off her newly jeweled purse that was a Christmas present! She loved the craft and takes the purse everywhere with her.

Snow Days

New Year's brought snow! Both of the kids had a blast playing in all of the snow and Isaac was most happy when he could be scooping the snow. He even went to the playhouse in the back yard and scooped around it. What a good boy. We had to refer to him as a snow plow or snow scooper for him to respond to us! Quite the imagination.

Miss Chloe now takes playing in the snow and hot cocoa hand-in-hand. The two must go together. I guess that isn't too tough of a request for a cold little girl.

Isaac will be a great snow scooper!


How cute are these feet??
We were able to help our friend Elijah celebrate his 5th birthday by going to his bowling party. A lot of Chloe and Elijah's friends from Happy Days were there, along with many more! Bowling to kids this age is summed up in two words:
Oh my, they love it. And they were all well behaved and we quit before any meltdowns!
Seated on the floor are Karen, Brielle, Elijah, Isaac, Chloe, and Tessa.
The kids were so cute and chanted the name of the current bowler!

Isaac sported his new KSU personalized jersey he got for Christmas!
Unfortunately K-State couldn't pull out the win of the bowl game that day.

Happy Birthday, Elijah! We had a great time at your party!