Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Six Months

Amelia and Caroline had their six month check-up yesterday.  Part of me can't believe they are six months already but the other part of me feels they've been in our lives for a long time now.  They are such sweet girls.  They FINALLY got on the non-preemie growth chart!  Just barely!  And Dr. Pope said that developmentally they are right on track with non-preemies for six months.  That's what we like to hear!

Amelia 11 pounds 11 ounces, 24" long (less than 2nd percentile)
Caroline 12 pound 1 ounce, 24 1/2" long (5th percentile)

Amelia has really had a jump in her weight.  She's determined to stay bigger than cousin Stella who on this same day weighed 11 pound 2 ounces at two and a half weeks of age ;)  As Robynn said, guess Stella is the runt of the family.  haha! 

We were also given permission to start on baby food so today we tried rice cereal.  It was fairly non-eventful but of course I'd be a terrible mother if I didn't have pictures of the occasion.  Hopefully we'll get some better pictures as we introduce flavors to them. 

Amelia tore it up!  She loved this stuff and figured out the open mouth, scoop,
and swallow very quickly!

Caroline was a little more timid.  She wasn't sure what to think and had a harder time consuming.

"Will it work if I just lick the food?"

"If I keep my tongue out will it eventually work?"


Last year for Thanksgiving we went to Colorado to my dad's, also known as Granddad to my kiddos.  I was about 8 weeks prego with the twins but hadn't told the family yet as I couldn't get into the doctor until 10 weeks.  But while in Colorado we saw the ice-skating rink while shopping and Chloe wanted to try.  I obviously couldn't take her, and Royce didn't feel comfortable taking her.  So nobody ice-skated.  This year I was bound & determined to get the girl on the ice.  We had so much fun!

The first lap was a little rough.  Okay...a lot rough.  It took at least 10 minutes.  Chloe and Isaac spent more time on their bottoms than they did on their feet.  But Royce was really patient with Chloe and helped get her on the right track.  Isaac and I kind of goofed off :)  But several laps into it and both kids had made huge improvements.  By the last lap, Chloe was skating by herself.  She did great.  And Isaac went from skating between our feet simply steering his skates straight, to skating beside us only holding one hand. 

 Skating by herself!

Arms out for balance!
 I love this picture of Chloe and I looking at each other. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stella Renee Hickert

Stella Renee Hickert
10 lb 10 oz, 21" tall
November 9, 2011
Daughter to my sister
Newest member of the cool club

This little girl is so stinkin' sweet. 
We love you Stella!
Welcome to our family.

Notice below the white streak of hair behind her ear.
Dustin's family carries this trait and it continues with Stella.

Caroline, Stella, Amelia, Chloe

 Stella and Amelia's feet are the same size!

Isaac gave this gift to Stella-
A sock monkey named Pogo!

Ready to go home!

Hickert girls all snuggled in.

Marley loves to snuggle, too!

And my favorite picture so far...

Chloe sure does love her cousin Stella.
Chloe has always had Aunt Robie a step above everyone else, and now that Robynn has a baby I think Stella ranks right up there with Robynn. These girls have a lot of fun ahead of them!

Welcome to the world, sweetheart.  You are beautiful!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Two Hershey's Kisses, Robot Isaac, and Ariel Chloe

Isaac had such a hard time because his box was big enough that his hands couldn't touch. He couldn't bend over, he couldn't eat, he couldn't put candy in his bag if the bag was in the other hand. It was so funny. He was such a sport and just kept trying!
I think Chloe has wanted to be Ariel since last Halloween. She looked so pretty!

Isaac liked leading the way once the sun went down...his lights were BRIGHT in the dark. 
He isn't one to enjoy getting too much attention, but most other little boys thought his lights were pretty neat and I think Isaac thought he was pretty cool stuff.  

I know these are dark, but it was a fun night of trick-or-treating!

Amelia and Caroline's Baptism

Saturday, October 23, 2011
Christ the King Catholic Church
WaKeeney, KS

On this day we celebrated the baptism of Amelia and Caroline.  It was a beautiful day in every sense of the word.  We were surrounded by friends and family who care so much for these girls.  Royce and I know that they will grow to know and trust in God the way everyone around them does. 

Walking into church Brekkyn, Emma, and Chloe are buddies. 
Such a sweet picture!

Fr. Don Pfannenstiel
Godparents and family

Amelia with Aron Percival and Deborah Purinton
Caroline with Stephanie Percival and  Brian Austin

Our family
The girls LOVED to put their dresses in their mouths.
Must have been yummy satin!

Great Grandparents in attendance
Berniece Pfannenstiel and Delbert & Donna Stanton

Grandparents in attendance
Sandy & Wayne Purinton
Ron & Elaine Freeman

Amelia with Aron & Deb

Caroline with Stephanie and Brian

After seeing the previous pictures Chloe wanted to stand and hold a baby also.
I think Caroline knew this was uncharted territory!

Smiling Caroline

Amelia looks so curious...

...and ornery!

Pretty dresses for pretty girls.

This is one of my favorite pictures...it's like they're thinking
"Oh my goodness--what is going on here?"

I got razzed for not putting the girls in the bonnets that came with their dresses.
So Amelia modeled one for a picture.  
The day really was beautiful.  The grandmas made soups and had a great lunch for everyone after the church service.  I appreciate everybody's efforts to attend and take part in the special day for Amelia and Caroline.  We have surrounded the girls with people who are strong in their faith and I know that these girls will grow with the same confidence.