Sunday, April 22, 2012

Conversation with a four year old.

While driving to the store with Isaac a while back he was sitting in the back seat and asked me when he was going to be an uncle.  I understand figuring out the proper order of a family tree can be confusing so we always take the time to explain.  I informed him that Chloe, Amelia, or Caroline would have to have babies for him to be an uncle--or that his wife's siblings would have to have babies for him to be an uncle.  I knew that was a stretch for his comprehension but it was worth a shot.  Here is how the rest of the conversation went.  M is Me/Megan/Mom and I is Isaac.

M: Are you going to get married some day?
I: *SIGH* I guess.
M: Are you going to have kids?
I: Well ya!
M: Will you have a boy kid or a girl kid?
I: Um, one of each.
M:  Which will you have first?
I: The girl kid.  Then the boy kid.
M: What will you do with the boy kid?
I: Play sports.  ALL the sports.
M: What will you do with the girl kid?
I: Um, sports too.  And play with dolls I guess.
M: I think the girl kid will like sports.
I: Ya, but I'll play dolls with her too. 
M: That would be nice of you.  Well if you are going to have kids I think you will want to get married first.
I: *Lip motorboat sound* Oh, OKAY!
M: So you'll get married some day?
I: (loudly and matter-of-factly) YES.  BUT SHE HAS TO WEAR ALL WHITE.

Little Creators

Chloe and Isaac love to color and draw and write.  All of it.  Chloe has really enjoyed writing this last year.  She spells fairly well and feels the success of spelling correctly.  It's fun to witness.  We still help her plenty, don't get me wrong, but the wheels are turning and pieces are connecting.  That's all we can ask. 

Isaac's coloring has come so far in the last year.  He was a scribbling boy who used one color on entire pictures not too long ago.  But now he enjoys the variety of color and drawing 'from scratch' without a coloring book page.  I love that imagination of his.  Whatever it looks like to us is only a fraction of what it looks like to him.  He is so proud and I love it. 

As I've said many times, since this blog is also somewhat of a scrapbook I am going to try to keep pictures of some of their works of art on here.  This way I know I'll have proof of the art forever.  I still have a stash of projects up in their closet.  But some pictures that I know might get lost or torn or spilled on can be photographed and the memory can live on. 

This first card is one that Chloe gave to me when the twins were about four months old.  I can't even express how it made me feel.  This girl warms my heart in so many ways.  She is so extremely caring towards others and is so accommodating for her age.  Her heart is just spilling with generosity. 

I know Royce helped her with the spelling but the message came from Chloe. 
100% my Chloe.

Our refrigerator is a typical fridge for a young family.  Any piece of art makes an appearance on the fridge and stays until the twins rip it down.  We wouldn't know what to do with a fridge that didn't have clutter on it.  I'd probably think we were moving or something.  It would just be weird. 

The next place Chloe and Isaac hang pictures is in our bedroom.  Our bed is kind of tucked away and this side wall is right on my side of the bed.  Who doesn't love looking at artwork like this when they wake up?  Tape away, kids, tape away!

I sketched an outline of a helicopter for Isaac and he painted it for me.

Chloe painted this picture.

Isaac's spotted dinosaur.

Isaac also started a sticker collection.  He puts the stickers on the end of his bed, on the way up the ladder to his top bunk.  I normally don't like stickers on furniture, but this is absolutely harmless and he is so proud of his collection.  I think I mostly love the way he says collection.  So articulated.  Coll-ect-shun.

We have bulletin boards downstairs with artwork.

 And an art table (built by Grandpa Al Stewart) that is always SPILLING with creations. 

These are the latest.  The kids got new markers for school so we of course
had to try them out at home first. 

 Chloe drew the kids. 
She is the fashionable big sister, Isaac slightly smaller, and the twins in what must be MY shirts.
And the dogs, Lexi and Charlie. She started with just the living beings but then added the rain and umbrellas. Umbrella. Another word I love hearing the kids say.
They say "Um-be-brella".
I don't correct them.
It's too cute.
They'll figure it out when they learn to spell it.
Even our blue dogs have um-be-brellas.

Isaac drew this picture for Royce.
He knows dad is spelled D-A-D.
Look above, and see he wrote
Isaac ADA.

Isaac drew this picture for me. 
It's a picture of our house.
And it's the happiest home I've ever seen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Satisfied Sleepers

I love watching my babies sleep. 

Caroline has the classic butt up position.
Cupped hands.
Drool pool.
And the bink.

Amelia is the sleeper who positions for comfort.
She's usually on her tummy.
Froggie positioned under an arm.
Her head touching the bumper pad on the crib.
Usually on the opposite end of the crib in which she started.

I love my sleeping babies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter morning we woke up and went to church in WaKeeney. 
Chloe and Isaac had brought their eggs that they had dyed and the Easter Bunny hid them in the front yard.  They had a lot of fun checking out their new loot as well!

Amelia and Caroline had to stay inside!

My pretty niece.
Happy first Easter, Stella!

Work day at the farm

Last Saturday we spent a day at the Purinton farm having a work day.  Royce fired up the tractor and got to work!  We moved tractor tires to the house so we could make a sandbox and a climber for the kids.  We also loaded up shale to bring to Hays for our driveway.  It was a fun day of goofing off south of Collyer!  I'm so glad we have a fun place like this to go.