Sunday, April 23, 2017

This and That!

Amelia & Caroline had their own version of the Nativity in January.  They used a babydoll in a bathtub as baby Jesus, Caroline (right) was Mary, Mickey was Joseph, Chubby was the Angel Gabriel, and Amelia was a shepherd.  Oh, Lucy.  Lucy was the lamb :) 

We were at a 50th birthday party for a friend of ours and low and behold his nephew was there and works for the Denver Broncos.  OH!  And he had his Super Bowl ring on his hand an was happy to show it off! 

Chloe took part in the Tiger Deb dance clinic as her current tumbling coach, Amber, was a Tiger Deb.  She really enjoyed the clinic and preforming at an FHSU Basketball game. 

We had to replace our microwave in February as it started sparking and smoking!  EEK! 
So before we installed the new one we let the kids sign their names on the wall.  I love doing silly stuff like that.  Someday their signatures will be found by us again or by future residents.  Either way they loved that I let them write on the walls, haha! 

And KAT!  Kat turned 21!  So of course I had to honor her with a drunk girl cookie. 
We LOVE having this gal so close to us and we wish her the best year she could ever ask for.   

Last but not least, Shrove Tuesday means Pancake Races for the 4th graders at Holy Family!
Royce represented us very well by getting 2nd in the dad's division.  It was a fun afternoon watching everyone run with pancakes and frying pans flipping their pancakes.   

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