Friday, May 26, 2017

Valentine's Tradition

 For several years now Royce and I have opted to stay in for Valentine's Day and serve the kids a candlelight dinner.  It is really satisfying now that they look forward to it each year and are so happy to spend the evening at home with us.  And for that night, there's truly nowhere else we'd rather be.  We seated the kids with roses, served sparkling juice, and had their traditional dessert of jello with cherries.  The kids then served our meal to us in the same fashion.  I just love it.   

Near the same time as Valentine's Day was the Mother/Son dance.  Isaac and I were able to go and we danced the night away.  It was a really great night with him filled with hugs, snuggles, and laughter.  This by has my heart!  He's just the best. 

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